Zeiss Accuses Samyang of Stealing Its Lens Designs

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Jun 132018

The renowned German lens maker Carl Zeiss has accused the South Korean lens maker Samyang of copying its designs. As a result, the Samyang lenses at the center of the dispute are being pulled by distributors and retailers.

The Swedish website Monitor reports that the Samyang Premium XP 50mm f/1.2 and 85mm f/1.2 lenses are the ones Zeiss has issues with.

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ZEISS Supreme Cinema Primes Announced – Large Format Continues to Grow

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May 282018

ZEISS has announced a new set of Cinema Primes suitable for the Large Sensor Format. The ZEISS Supreme Prime Lens Line will be mostly rated at T 1.5 and compatible with PL, LPL and EF mount.

ZEISS Supreme Primes – Large Sensor High-End Cinema Primes

With ARRIs announcement of the large sensor Alexa LF back in April, we knew it was only a matter of time before more large-sensor-specific lens lines would surface.

The ZEISS Supreme Primes have an image circle of 46.2mm and are the first from the German company to be specifically compatible with this large sensor format.

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Jan 082016

Zeiss has teamed up with Fellowes Brands to announce an intriguing new product line at CES. The duo utilizes Fellowes Brands pedigree of smartphone photography technology and Zeiss’ wealth of lens manufacturing history to bring an iPhone lens trio. 


Pictured is the existing Exolens accessory mount by Fellowes Brands. It provides a solid platform to mount an additional iPhone lens, as well as a 1.4″ thread on the bottom for further mounting.

Zeiss have provided the optics to make up 3 new lenses for the iPhone 6; a wide, tele, and macro zoom lens.

“The first three lenses – wide-angle, telephoto and macro – are scheduled to be launched in late Q2 2016. The wide-angle and telephoto lenses offer excellent image performance with outstanding edge-to-edge contrast. The macro lens features a zoom function – unique for accessory lenses of this type – for flexible image composition. The new lenses can be used on the Apple® iPhone® with customized mounting brackets.”


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Sep 112015

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