Hello Future: YouTube Now Officially Hosts 8K Videos

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Jun 102015


We can all agree on the fact that 4K is last year’s news and if you aren’t watching video at a resolution at least quadruple that resolution, then you might as well be watching in standard definition. Alright, maybe that’s a tad bit extreme and premature, but if you dofeel that way, then you’ll be happy to hear that YouTube now officially supports playback of 8K video.

According to a report by 9to5Google, playback of 8K video has been available for a select few items since 2010; however, the ‘8K’ labeling was only added earlier this year. Initial reports indicate that the 4320p video plays back well in Chrome, but can struggle a bit in other browsers. Add this on top of the fact that many users are already having trouble playing 4K video, and you have a very niche selection of viewers.

One of the first public 8K videos, “Ghost Towns”, was uploaded to YouTube only yesterday and showcases high-quality footage captured on a RED Epic Dragon 6K:

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