Kandao QooCam Review and 3D 180 / 360 Video Samples

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Nov 112018

The Kandao QooCam is a handheld 360 and 180 3D VR camera that creates great looking VR video for social media. Check out our Kandao QooCam review and test videos.

Kandao is one of the most innovative players in the VR camera space at the moment. This is an increasingly contested and fast developing market at the cutting edge of computational photography’s disruptive infiltration towards the mainstream.

The QooCam comes from the makers of the Obsidian Go, Obsidian R and Obsidian S 8K and high speed 360 VR cameras. We’ve covered a number of recent developments from Kandao here on cinema5D including the recent 8K VR live streaming demonstrated at IBC. We also covered the announcement of the QooCam back in May.

Before getting too deep, here are the sample videos shot with the QooCam.

QooCam 3D 180 / 360 Videos Samples

Below are the videos I shot while in Istanbul and in L.A. The top video is 3D 180, and the bottom video is 360. If you’re not set up for the full VR viewing experience, I recommend watching these on your phone rather than desktop, you’ll be able to move your phone around as a virtual window on the scene.

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Insta360 Pro VR Camera – 8K, Up to 100fps 4K, HDR and RAW by: Graham Sheldon

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Jan 082017

This week at CES 2017, Chinese camera manufacturer Insta360 announced their Insta360 Pro VR camera with a truly impressive spec list: 8K maximum resolution, 100fps in 4K, HDR, RAW and a great price tag.  All the details including pricing and availability below: 

I have had the opportunity to try several different types of 360 video cameras from a number of manufacturers, and anything below 4K tends to look blurry in my opinion. Some may scoff at the push for higher and higher resolution camera tech in the 2D world, but for VR I believe it’s absolutely necessary.

The Insta360 Pro VR camera has a few major features that could all add up to some gorgeous-looking VR video experiences in the future. Its 6 independent HD lenses can capture 360-degree video in up to 8K resolution in both RAW and HDR. When in 4K mode, the camera can also record up to 100fps. Specs like these put the camera more in line with premium 360 cameras like the $45,000 Nokia OZO or the $15,000 Google Jump, versus the cheaper Samsung Gear 360 ($278.00).

With a price tag of $3,000, the Insta360 Pro could appeal to both professional and hobbyist shooters alike when it hits the market later in the year. There is no word yet regarding the potential overheating issues that other 360 cameras in this category have also suffered from.

The “3D Video” mode lets you shoot 3D 360-degree video up to 6K, or up to 4K with real time stitching (H.265 or H.264). You can also live stream 360-degree video over Ethernet, WiFi and 4G (this will destroy your data plan) to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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