Indiecam nakedEYE is First Compact VR RAW Camera – 12bit 4k 60p

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Sep 152016

At IBC 2016, Indiecam presented their version of a VR camera. True to their roots, the nakedEYE is a small, lightweight and all-manual VR RAW camera. 

Austria-based Indiecam develops and manufactures high-quality miniature action cameras for filmmakers. Their RAW action cameras have been used on dozens of famous productions, like Ron Howard’s Rush or Into the Heart of the Sea.

The Indiecam nakedEYE is the logical next step when it comes to miniature RAW cameras. But according to managing director Raphael Barth this VR RAW Camera is just the first step in their move towards Virtual Reality Acquisition.

While a resolution of 4K is rather limiting when it comes to a full 360° VR image, the intriguing attributes about the Indiecam nakedEYE VR RAW Camera are:

  • Full Manual Controls
  • Global Shutter
  • High Dynamic Range and good low-light performance
  • 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW
  • 2 lens construction for an easy workflow
  • 2x 2K square sensors (4K 60p)

To me this looks like a very important step in professional VR production. While this seems to be the “Digital Bolex of VR cameras”, it surely is heading in the right direction for larger formats to come.

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Vuze VR camera aims to give you high-end 360 video for only $800

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May 252016

There’s a small lie that’s snowballing into a huge lie when it comes to 360-degree videos and virtual reality.

You see, with the rise of VR, there’s been an inevitable rush to produce content for it. People want stuff to watch in their expensive VR headsets, and many content creators and companies are arguably misleading consumers with 360-degree videos (and cameras that shoot 360-degree videos).

Yes, most 360-degree videos are viewable in a VR headset and allow for omnidirectional viewing experiences, but they aren’t real VR. They’re still just flat 2D videos with no depth to them.

But after taking a look at several 360-degree videos shot with the Vuze, I’m now convinced that for any content to be classified truly as VR content, it needs to have 3D stereoscopic depth.

HumanEyes’ Vuze is an $800 VR camera that’s slightly larger than a Roku or Apple TV media streaming box. Unlike other 360-degree cameras that are mistakenly referred to as “VR cameras” that only have one or two spherical lenses, the Vuze has eight cameras — two on each of its four edges. Each camera records in full HD.

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Samsung dives deeper into VR, opens New York studio

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Jan 252016


If you thought that Samsung‘s Gear VR headset, which was made together with Oculus, was just a temporary distraction for the Korean consumer electronics company, you might have just been proven wrong. At Sundance, one of the most notable film fests in the world, Samsung took the opportunity to announce that it is opening up a studio in New York, located where Samsung’s US marketing team already works in, with the sole purpose of creating immersive experiences. In short, VR content that will most likely blossom this year. Or at least fans and believers of VR would like it to.

Virtual reality is nothing really new. What’s new, however, is the commoditization of hardware that was in the past only available to the most hardcore, or most affluent, of computer scientists. But even back in the day when VR was hyped, the problem has always been the same: the amount of available content, or the lack of it.

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