The Feather Camera Crane – 4 pounds

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Feb 252015


The name here almost says it all. The Feather Camera Crane weighs less than 4lbs while extending the camera out 7 feet from the base. What the name doesn’t tell you though, is that it packs down into a kit that is only 28 inches long. In this video and written review, I’ll share with you why this thing rocks for outdoor adventure filmmakers.

I was spending two weeks working on the Michigan Ice Film with Clear & Cold Cinema, so I had the crane shipped to the cold north of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

When I pulled it out of the box, it was shocked that there was supposed to be a 7-foot long crane in there, it was just so small. I set it up the night before our shoot, just to check everything out and make sure I knew how and didn’t fumble around in the snow. I would be using it in single-digit temperatures and on icy ledges, so I wanted to troubleshoot issues sooner rather than later. An easy to read manual helped me the one time I couldn’t figure out a setup detail, but in general the setup was intuitive.

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