Topaz Labs Spring Sale Info

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Apr 132017

I am a big fan of Topaz Labs plugins for Photoshop… They are having a 40% off Storewide sale through April 16, 2017.

Please use the code: “SPRING40” in your cart.

New season, new inspiration … Topaz Impression!

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Apr 142015

For photographers, finding the perfect way to capture the moment can become an obsession. Sometimes you want to depict real life, but other times you just want to convey a feeling. A vision. A dream.

Impression is designed to help you realize your vision by transforming your photos into realistic-looking studio art. Easy-to-use presets (47 of them!) allow you to pick and choose across entire art movements in a few simple clicks. What’s more, you can pull from a huge store of creative adjustment options to make masterpieces uniquely yours. No prior knowledge of art is required – all you need is a photo and an unbounded imagination!

Click the image below to visit the Topaz Impression page at Topaz Labs.


Here is an image I processed with Topaz Impression with about three minutes of practice:




Capture the essence of you photos in Black&White

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Mar 102015

“Topaz B&W Effects is a software plug-in that helps you convert color photos into beautiful monochrome images. It uses a unique B&W conversion engine that emphasizes tonal contrast in order to help you get B&W images that pop.”

Try or buy Topaz B&W Effects 

Use coupon code: marbw for a special price of $39.99 on Topaz B&W Effects until March 31, 2015, at which time the price will return to $59.99.


Topaz Labs Promo on Topaz Restyle! Ends Feb 28, 2015

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Feb 172015



From February 10th-28th, we are running a promotion on Topaz ReStyle for $20 off its original price of $59.99 (reducing the price to $39.99). The coupon code for this promotion is: febrestyle

ReStyle is a plugin designed to alter the colors in your image with its unique array of toning effects. The technology behind ReStyle uses a cutting-edge process to map the color and tone statistics from a source image.

With this, creative possibilities extend to many inspiring choices. Restyle is a useful tool for the photographer or artist looking to alter the overall feeling and mood of his or her image. The program can even be used to revamp the tone of graphics and textures.

Please share the coupon code ‘FEBRESTYLE’ with your fans and followers! You can link directly to the ReStyle product page with this link:

Try Topaz Restyle FREE


Great Fountain Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, WY


Topaz Clarity is 25% off until the end of the month! Coupon code: octclarity

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Oct 222014
I use Topaz Clarity often. Now you can save 25% with Coupon Code: octclarity



 Topaz Labs Downloads


That’s what you say as you capture a photo of a breathtaking sunset, so beautiful that you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.


…and that’s all you can say when you find that your image doesn’t look so good at 100%. It’s not as vivid, as punchy, or as real as real life! You see the world in much better contrast and detail than your camera. After all, it’s difficult to express the beauty of the real world in a two-dimensional image.

We designed Topaz Clarity to solve this problem. Clarity’s micro-contrast technology helps you add punch to your photos while still keeping them natural. Instead of spending a lot of time manually brightening and darkening selective parts of your image, Clarity can do it all in a few clicks:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting fashion, architecture, or landscapes, micro-contrast can make your images POP. You’ll jump up and down in your editing chair from joy. In short, Clarity ROCKS.”

Frank Doorhof, fashion/celebrity photographer

Topaz Adjust – August Promotion, 50% off!

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Aug 092014

During August 13-31, we’re running a 50% promotion on Topaz Adjust.

Adjust is an image enhancement plug-in designed to make your photos pop.

The 50% coupon code is: augadjust

You can create stunning images with dramatic contrast, incredible detail and vibrant color with award-winning Adjust. Preset options range from subtle, realistic enhancements to artistic HDR-like presets. In just a few clicks, it’s easy to produce a truly eye-catching look in a single image.


Buy Topaz Adjust Now


Topaz Webinar, The Power of Contrast Control, with Blake Rudis

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Jul 312014
Tuesday, August 15 – 4pm CDT (2pm PDT, 5pm EDT, 9pm UTC,)

It can be difficult to know where to begin your workflow when post processing a photograph. But, did you know there is an infallible technique that you can employ right now to check your post processing? Join Blake Rudis, host of EverydayHDR, as he demos this technique using photoshop and Topaz, producing captivating results!




Topaz ReMask, which will be 50% off from July 15 – 31 with coupon code “julyremask”

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Jul 102014


“This month we’re promoting our image masking software Topaz ReMask, which will be 50% off from July 15 – 31 with coupon code “julyremask”. We’re also releasing a substantial free update to ReMask for existing customers this Saturday.

There’s lots of masking tools out there, but we’ve focused on making ReMask the fastest + easiest to use. We like to say that it’s the only masking software that doesn’t require an instructions manual:

We’re dropping the ReMask price from $70 to $34.99 until the end of the month. Many customers tell us that ReMask is their favorite Topaz product, and we’re confident that this promotion will do well.”

-Eric Yang, Operations, Topaz Labs

Please click on the photo below to download the free trial version or to purchase Topaz Remask!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.37.45 AM



Topaz Simplify Introduction with Nichole!

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Feb 142014

Using size-based technology, Topaz Simplify eliminates unwanted image features. By selectively removing unnecessary image details, Simplify not only helps you clean up your images, but also gives you the tools to create an original piece of art in just a few clicks. With Simplify, you can achieve a variety of creative art effects including watercolors, textured oil paintings, charcoal drawings, line art, and photorealistic paintings. Join Nichole Paschal, photographer and Topaz Marketing Specialist, as she introduces Topaz Simplify and demonstrates how to give your images a creative edge.


Topaz Labs Simplify

Yosemite Spring

 This is my first attempt using Topaz Labs Simplify. Not too bad, if I do say so myself!sig10000r

Topaz Restyle Released with over 1000 presets!

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Aug 082013

Topaz ReStyle is the perfect way to create more powerful photos by putting a wide variety of potential looks at your fingertips.

ReStyle’s exclusive one-click effects are professional-grade and highly customizable,

giving you a huge selection of high-quality looks tailored towards professional photographers.

The price for Restyle is $59, however for a limited time you may use
Coupon Code “restyleit” and purchase this exciting new plug-in for only $29.99! expires 8/31


I have found that Topaz Labs plugins are excellent!  I use them on every project.
Restyle looks like another winner that I will use extensively.



Topaz ReStyle – expand your creativity



Topaz Labs Releases New Plug-in, “Clarity”. Download Free NOW!

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May 222013

The easiest and most natural way to make your photos more powerful.

Use cutting-edge intelligent contrast technology to create beautiful photos completely naturally.

Please click the link below for full information:

Topaz Clarity – Flawless Image Definition


This new plug-in is designed to improve the contrast of your images in a selective way and was designed with great flexibility. Clarity can improve almost any image, not just your HDRs!

The price is $49.99, however there is an introductory special price of $29.99 through May 31!

Use coupon code: claritynew (Promotion ends May 31.)

Topaz Labs – Downloads


Use 100+ beautiful and
carefully crafted presets

Spend more time shooting and less time post-processing by applying one of over 100 presets included in Topaz Clarity.

These one-click effects were specially developed and fine-tuned for specific types of photos.

Instantly add extra depth to your architecture images, wedding photos, and everything in between.

Intelligently and dynamically enhance image contrast

Have you ever blown out your highlights by increasing image contrast? You won’t ever again.

Topaz Clarity uses intelligent contrast enhancement technology to increase the impact and depth of your image completely naturally.

This unique approach makes it almost impossible to create artifacts and halos – and gives you more powerful photos with less effort.

Process different parts of your image differently

Give each part of your photo special treatment with smart selective adjustments.

Use unique masking technologies like the Magic Brush and Smart Feather to make sure any

adjustments you make go exactly where they need to go.

Topaz Snapshot: A Touch of HDR Sketch by Topaz user: Jim McGinn

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Apr 262012

This is a fun one. It’s the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas – designed by Frank Ghery. I shot it while on a business trip there.

Program used: Topaz Adjust

Preset used: HDR – sketch

Manual Tweaks

Detail Tab

Strength 2.13

Boost 1.00

Noise Tab

Suppression 0.47

Amount 0.75

(Final Image)

 Topaz Labs »

HDR Cookbook – The Making of “The Green Room” Bebenhausen Palace, Germany!

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Jul 162011

Many of you have visited “HDR Cookbook” by farbspiel photography. If you haven’t you are in for a treat! I saw this presentation for the first time yesterday and was blown away by the effort Klaus puts into creating some of the best HDR photography I have seen. Please visit the HDR Cookbook site at the link below, as there is a wealth of great information on creating dynamic HDR photos! Pay special attention to the tips on using Topaz software to enhance your HDR images.

This presentation looks best in full-screen and 1080p.


HDR Cookbook – by farbspiel

farbspiel on Flickr

NEW Topaz Lens Effects version 1.1, use code: “lenstastic” and save $30!

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Jun 012011

$30 off the Bundle or Lens Effects, Discount Extended to June 8th!

Virtual lens, filter and specialty camera plug-in for Photoshop offers photographers vast new possibilities for emphasizing focal points, creating bokeh and more. This fantastic new plugin can add wonderful depth to your HDR and regular images.

Over the last three weeks we have received so many helpful suggestions, bug reports and great
feature requests for Topaz Lens Effects, that we decided to get to work right away on an upgrade.
So, what’s better about the new version 1.1? Besides the fact that it’s FREE for current users, it also has:

  • New filters for diffusion, polarization, UV/Haze and streaks
  • Improved depth-of-field simulation for better image quality
  • A dual focus lens option
  • 30 new and customizable aperture shapes
  • 13 new and customizable vignette masks
  • AND you can upload your own aperture shapes and vignette masks

This presentation looks best a 1080p and full-screen.


Regular price: $79.99

Dallas, TX – May 5, 2011 – Topaz Labs announces the release of Topaz Lens Effects, a creative and new Photoshop plug-in, designed to help professional and amateur photographers quickly and easily achieve a wide range of lens, filter and specialty camera effects – without pricy equipment.

Topaz Lens Effects, which simulates 20 different styles of filters, lenses and specialty cameras, and includes over 150 presets, provides photographers with the flexibility and convenience of adding in-camera enhancements after the shot. With Lens Effects, users can create realistic enhancements for emphasizing focal points, creating bokeh to blur distracting backgrounds, adding vignettes, and balancing color tone – in just a few clicks. Also achievable with Lens Effects, is a variety of other popular photography styles such as miniatures, fisheye distortions, motion blur and more – for countless ways to take images to the next level.

“Cameras, lenses and filters are a necessary part of every photographer’s camera bag, and are heavily relied upon to help achieve artistic vision. However, equipment can be expensive, often cumbersome and is limited to use at the time of the shot,” said Ashley Robinson, product manager for Topaz Labs. “Topaz Lens Effects makes it possible to still achieve that perfect shot. Its robust toolset makes it the ideal accessory for any photo enthusiast – allowing them to do more with less.”

“In addition to a novel approach of creating accurate depth maps for the most realistic depth-of-field simulation, Lens also uses brand new architecture that gives us the unparalleled agility to enhance our software’s capabilities and functionality with new ideas and suggestions that we constantly
receive from the Topaz user community,” said Jawad Malik, project leader for the new Topaz Lens Effects. “This has been an exciting project for our team and we sincerely hope that our avid and loyal customers will find it equally inspiring.”

Topaz Lens Effects is a plug-in that works with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and PaintShop Pro. It is compatible with Windows XP or later and Intel-based Macs running OS X 10.5 or later. Photographers and graphic designers looking for an easier and more affordable way to achieve lens, camera and filter effects are invited to try out the new Topaz Lens Effects plug-in for free using the 30-day free trial. Topaz Lens Effects retails for $79.99, but is being offered at a special promotional price of $49.99 until June 1, 2011. Lens Effects will also become a part of the Topaz Photoshop Bundle, which offers photographers a complete image enhancement toolbox for all of their post processing needs. The bundle, including Lens Effects retails at $249.99.

Click the Topaz Lens Effects banner below for additional information:


Enter code: “lenstastic” during checkout to purchase Topaz Lens Effects for $49.99. Extended until June 8, 2011.

Should you decide to purchase any other Topaz Labs software product

you will save 10%  by entering code: “HDR360pro” during checkout.

Introduction to Topaz DeNoise

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Apr 242011

Image noise can be a problem in HDR photography. One of my secret weapons to combat noise in my HDR images is Topaz DeNoise.

Here is a tutorial on DeNoise:


This tutorial is best viewed at 1080p and fullscreen.

Use the Discount code: “HDR360pro” to save 10% on any Topaz Labs software!

Topaz DeNoise – Remove Noise, Recover Detail