Xiaomi Mi 4 Camera: Better than the Current Flagships Sporting a new Sensor from Sony!

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Jul 302014

This new phone was released in China but not here in the USA. I think the camera with it’s video HDR capability is interesting in that it also features 4K resolution. It sounds like the Sony sensor that has been mentioned for the iPhone 6. We will have to wait a while to find out…


“Xiaomi finally unwrapped its much talked about beauty, the Mi 4, at a huge event earlier today. While the device is still not official for the United States and Europe, there are hopes that the Chinese favorite will get to the bigger markets too with its amazing features and a fighting specifications list. The smartphone is at par in terms of features with the other primary flagships that we usually talk about, however, what is the cherry of this features’ list is the Xiaomi Mi 4 camera! At 13 megapixel, the rear shooter uses a new Sony sensor that not only makes low-light photography a real charm, but also tackles with earlier issues of recording and HDR photography.

Xiaomi Mi 4 has launched today with a 13 megapixel primary shooter with a wide f/1.8 aperture. Xiaomi Mi 4 camera features a new Sony sensor IMX214 which is a BSI stacked CMOS sensor with a 1/3.06″. The new Sony sensor is a much improved sensor than the last generation IMX135 that was used in many flagships including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the LG G3.
The major, and perhaps the most pleasing news for many consumers, is the improvement that the sensor offers for low-light photography. Because the Sony IMX214 is more sensitive and has less color crosstalk, it significantly improves low-light photography and produces better color-balanced images. The smartphone has improved the low-light photography department by taking a flash-less image along with another with flash, combining both to get both lit-up and much more natural looking images. The shooter also has a post-capture image refocus mode which seems quite handy along with a very easy exposure adjustment interface when you open the camera.”

Read full article: WCCFtech.com


Samsung Galaxy S5’s Amazing HDR Video!

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Jul 282014


“Short film of Trieste, Italy featuring HDR Video and FHD 1080p footage shot entirely on the Samsung GALAXY S5.”

I think this is quite impressive, however keep in mind that this was shot by pros using a lot of additional gear!