Seitz Roundshot VR Drive introduction, Amazing New HDR Feature!

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Nov 272013



I have the VR Drive, however this is a new version with greatly enhanced features and functionality. Learn more at:

Seitz VR Drive 


New Seitz Roundshot VR Drive “Generation 2”

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Nov 162010

Seitz is refining the Roundshot VR Drive to include some great new features. The advances are quite significant. First of all, this precision panoramic head will now be fully motorized in the vertical as well as horizontal directions. Also the device will be capable of full HDR captures. There are various options to meet the needs of a variety of panoramic photographers.

VR Drive generation 2

Mount Sneffels, Colorado

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Nov 152010

This was an image that I made with the Canon 5D and Seitz VR Drive during a trip to Colorado in the fall of 2007. Recently, I noticed that I had never processed this HDR panorama. So, I thought I’d try using some new software. I used DXO Optics Pro 6 to process the RAW files. I did this to eliminate chromatic aberrations and to reduce image noise. For stitching, I used the latest beta version of Autopano Pro from Kolor, which has a fabulous new stacking feature. It stacks the bracketed exposures and then stitches them in perfect registration. I used HDR Expose to merge the three resulting files. Finally I did some post processing in Photoshop CS5 and the Viveza2 Photoshop plug-in from Nik.

Kolor, AutoPano Pro – Panorama stitching software – Panoramic photo software – image stitching

Nik Viveza 2, Precise Selective Photo Editing

See it here, Richard Sisk Productions

This HDR image does not look like an HDR and that is intentional!