Samsung NX1 Review – The glory of technology

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Nov 202014


 Andrew Reid at has put together a fascinating hands-on review of the new Samsung NX1.

“The NX1 is a 4K camera out of the box but make no mistake, it is really a 6K camera. When the NX1 was being developed in Samsung’s lab, the sensor output ran at 6.5K raw at 240fps. Although the feature was only for debugging and not destined for consumers, this should give you an idea of the kind of hardware advances they have made with this camera and the new manufacturing techniques they are employing to get there.

The camera has a CPU with 5 cores (general purpose), 240fps object tracking. 4K video, H.265 and 1080/120fps. Further dedicated hardware cores handle various computational tasks rather than them being done in software.

With this camera Samsung are starting to put their boot into the camera industry in a big way.

And it shows in the images.”

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