RED Raven “Ready to Take on the Entire Sub-$10k Market”

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Sep 252015


Red Digital Cinema recently dropped an unexpected bombshell that radiated waves of excited expectation among filmmakers everywhere. This bombshell has a name. The Red Raven, a new $6K RED camera.

Word of RED Raven spread fast, attached to the simple hashtag #4K4ALL. Yes, the original disruptor, innovator and “freedom fighter” leading the independent film world into its biggest technological and creative revolution is at it again.

Details have remained vague and a full announcement has been promised for Friday 25th September but just today a few new details emerged.


4K4ALL carries with it very high expectations in terms of an affordable price point for RED’s latest new camera, and today we have a much better idea of where the RED Raven will be positioned.

Here’s what we know from Jarred Land himself:

“The Raven doesn’t replace Scarlet, It’s a new category in our line up. Raven is a younger, hungrier, more “spirited” member of the RED family with a bit of a chip on his shoulder ready to take on the entire sub-$10k market with images that you will be incredibly proud of.”



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