First Look: This is the Upcoming Pentax APS-C Flagship DSLR

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Sep 302019

Last week, Ricoh revealed that it would be releasing a new flagship Pentax APS-C DLSR in 2020, but they shared very few details and only one low-resolution photo of the upcoming camera. Fortunately, photographer Niels Kemp was at the Pentax 100 Years of History event in The Netherlands, and sent us a few first-look photos.

Pentax fans haven’t had much to celebrate lately. First, Sigma announced that it would no longer be making Pentax K-Mount lenses in order to focus more resources on Mirrorless cameras; then, Ricoh confirmed it would not be launching any new cameras in the Fall of 2019. But just as all hope seemed lost and we all began to wonder if Pentax was, indeed, going to fade quietly into history, never to be seen or heard from again, Ricoh revealed that there is a new flagship Pentax APS-C DSLR “currently under development for market launch in 2020.”

The name and specs of the camera are yet to be announced, but it’s nice to get a closer look at the camera beyond the tiny image Ricoh shared alongside the development announcement:

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Upcoming Pentax Full Frame Could Feature Sony Sensor

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Jun 012015


Pentax turned a lot of heads towards the end of last year when they announced that they would be developing and releasing their first full frame DSLR by the end of 2015. Details on the new camera have been scarce, but a new rumor has shed some light on the possible sensor to be used in this new camera.

According to a report over on Sony Alpha Rumors, the Pentax full frame DSLR will feature none other than a Sony sensor. To be more specific, the camera is expected to feature the same 36MP sensor found in the current Nikon D810 and Sony A7R. It is a sensor that we know is capable of good things as results from the D810 and A7R prove that.
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