Nikon Enters Premium Compact Camera Market

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Feb 292016

Nikon has made pricey compact cameras before—when 1/1.7-inch image sensors were all that you could hope for in a pocket-friendly point-and-shoot the long zooming Coolpix P7800 and its predecessors had their share of devotees. But the 2012 launch of the Sony RX100 set a new bar for the image quality that a pocket camera could deliver with its 20-megapixel 1-inch image sensor.

After four years and several iterations, Sony’s RX cameras still set a high bar, and have real competition in the market in cameras like the Canon PowerShot G7 X and Panasonic LX100. Now Nikon is joining the party with three 1-inch sensor models, a good thing for competition and for consumer choice.

Nikon isn’t burdening its premium lineup with the somewhat uncool Coolpix designation. Instead it’s opting for the more understated DL designation. It’s releasing three models at launch, each hitting its own niche. There’s some shared tech between them—including the same 20.8-megapixel 1-inch BSI CMOS image sensor, Raw image capture, a 20fps burst rate with continuous autofocus, 4K video recording support, and Nikon’s SnapBridge system, which leverages Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to speed wireless transfer image to your smartphone.

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