Ohanaware Releases “Magic” for the Mac… Save 50%!

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Apr 032015

Ohanaware “Magic”

Download the FREE Trial at the link above!

When you purchase, use the Coupon Code: BE7BE441

When entering the coupon, the coupon field is on the payment method page under “PayPal”. Customers can either purchase within the application or from the Ohanaware web page:


Give your photos a more alluring look

Meet “Magic”, a modern adaptation of a traditional photography process. Which brightens the luminosity, boosts the vibrancy of the colors & reduces small imperfections (such as wrinkles, scars, spots & noise) of Photos.

Nearly all of the options are based upon traditional processes fused with cutting edge technology.

An advantage of this process is the ability to enhance nearly all photos, from portraits, landscapes, still life to macro. Even if this process has been applied sparingly, photos will look and feel better.

Save time with our 16 built-in 1-Click Styles
Simplifies editing of one or many photos 

Ohanaware changed the world of photo editing with 1-Click Styles and our Funtastic Photos, since then we’ve been adding 1-Click Styles into as many products as we can.

1-Click Styles reduce the time taken to select a style for a photo, or to use a base for editing a photo. They also help when applying the same style to multiple photos.

editing of one or many photosThe 1-Click Styles engine used in Magic, is the latest generation, allowing for previews to be generated in the background and of course providing actual real previews of what the image will look like when the style is applied. They automagically update when images are rotated or even cropped. This is huge improvement over our older 1-Click Styles and those provided by ‘other’ competing photo editing application, which use static pre-rendered images.

Another huge advantage of the 1-Click Styles system used in Magic, it the ability to create custom 1-Click Styles and to be able to export them from Magic, so that they can be shared with family, friends & co-workers.

Convenient Photo Sharing built right in

Easily let family & friends enjoy your creation. Another time honored tradition from Funtastic Photos was built-in photo sharing, making it quicker and easier to get creations online, where friends, family & co-workers can enjoy awesome photos.

Magic is no exception, supporting Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Mail, AirDrop, Messages, iPhoto, Aperture & Apple’s latest “Photos”. Click the share icon “shareIcon” at the top of the window & select which service.

Turbo charged image processing

7th gen engine, smooth updating whilst saving time.At the heart of Magic is the 7th generation Live Processing engine, which utilizes the very latest techniques, APIs and hardware to give the smoothest and precise editing experience within our latest product.

Our latest engine is so slick, that it runs smoothly on even a MacBook Air as well as a top of the range Retina MacBook Pro, iMac or Mac Pro.

The new revolutionary “Split View” preview, takes advantage of our engine as it allows the photo to be editing while showing the original image, where you can choose how much of the original/edited is shown by dragging the divider line from side to side.

Ohanaware “Magic”

 “Magic” is another winner from Ohanaware! I found the software extremely intuitive. I was able to dramatically improve images in seconds that I had struggled with for hours in Photoshop. The presets make a great starting point from which I adjusted the settings to my taste. Easy and fast… Thanks Ohanaware! 

Richard Sisk – richardsiskproductions.com


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