Nov 052013

As many of you know,  Nik was bought by Google several months ago. There have been a number of changes in how the software is marketed and sold. For example the “Google Nik Collection” is now sold by as a package of plug-ins for $149. This is a major price reduction. In addition the “HDR360pro” coupon code still works providing readers here with an additional 15% discount!

Oh, and one more useful bit of info: If you have purchased any of the Nik software products in the last two years you are eligible for a free upgrade to the entire “Google Nik Collection”! in order to get the upgrade you will need to Email Google through the Google Nik Collection site below:

Click the image below to order or try now:


Google Nik Collection


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Aug 152012

August Focus Tip: Using the Drama tool in HDR Efex Pro 2 to create style. « Education Blog

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Jul 212012
To read the full article please click the link below:
 Capturing a High Dynamic Range (HDR) Image « Education Blog

Photography Techniques

Truth and Justice

The need to shoot HDR is based on a limitation of the camera sensor to capture all of the information in a scene in a single exposure. The amount of information from shadow to highlight that can be captured in a single exposure is called the “dynamic range” of the camera. The problem is, in many situations the dynamic range of the scene that you are shooting has more information (a wider dynamic range) than the camera can capture in that single exposure. An example of this is when you capture a photo with good exposure in one area, but details are lost in another area. These lost details will either be in totally black or totally white areas of the image, and are referred to as clipped details (see Figure 1-1). The solution to this issue is to shoot multiple exposures at different shutter speeds to capture the full range of information in the scene.

Note that all of the information is pushed up against the left and right hand side of the histogram is information in the scene that could not be captured in this exposure.


This is the finished tone mapped HDR image and its histogram, there is no information pushed up against either side of the histogram, which indicates we have retained the full dynamic range.


Readers of will receive a 15% discount on all Nik Software products including;
HDR EFEX PRO2™,  VIVEZA® 2, SILVER EFEX PRO™ 2,  Color Efex Pro™ 3.0,
and more including the Nik Complete Collection.
All you need to do is enter Coupon Code: “HDR360pro” during the checkout process at the Nik Store:

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Jul 092012

New Version Offers Enhanced Features, Improved Interface and Performance*

I have just taken a close look at this major upgrade of HDR Efex Pro and am greatly impressed by the wealth of new features.

I suggest that you download the Free Trial version. Should you decide to purchase, please use Coupon Code “HDR360 pro” to save 15%.

If you purchased HDR Efex Pro “1” on June 9, 2012 or after, HDR Efex Pro 2 is a free upgrade.

If you purchased HDR Efex Pro “1” Prior to June 6, 2012 the upgrade price is $49.95.


Save 15% on the NEW HDR Efex Pro 2 with

Coupon Code: “HDR360pro”

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Nik Software today released HDR Efex Pro 2, a powerful new version that enables professional and amateur photographers to create exceptional natural and artistic images. HDR Efex Pro 2 represents the next generation of high dynamic range photography that produces exceptional results. This new version not only adds a wide range of new features, but is also built on a proprietary and even more powerful tone mapping engine, providing unrivaled speed and quality. The company’s patented U Point(R) technology enables precise, selective fine-tuning, simplifying and speeding up the process for creating extraordinary high dynamic range images.






Jun 212012

H.D.R. Photography for the Realist –

Oct 042011

HDR Efex Pro Deal, $99!

As you may know, I am a big fan of NIK Software. Well, did you know that there is a big price reduction for HDR Efex Pro in effect now.

Regularly priced at $169, the nice folks at NIK have temporarily reduced the price to $99!

If you decide to purchase HDR Efex Pro or any NIK Software product enter the coupon code: “HDR360pro” during checkout to save an additional 15%!

By the way, NIK Color Efex 4 has just been released!

For details, please click the links below:

Focus – October 2011 – Color Efex Pro 4 Inspiration

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Sep 022011

The popular and powerful technology finds a new convert!

Down The HDR Rabbit Hole – Outdoor Photographer |

Apr 302011

Shutterbug: Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro

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– Joe Farace – Photography –

Apr 042011

A Beginners Guide to HDR Travel Photography

New to HDR? Check out this article by Gary Arndt!

Mar 132011

This video is best seen at 480p.


Use discount code: “HDR360pro” to save 15% on any Nik software at the Nik store!

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Mar 072011

I am pleased to announce that readers of will receive a 15% discount on all Nik software products including;

HDR EFEX PRO™,  VIVEZA® 2, SILVER EFEX PRO™ 2,  Color Efex Pro™ 3.0, and more including the Nik Complete Collection.

All you need to do is enter Coupon Code: “HDR360pro” during the checkout process at the Nik Store:

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Feb 232011

Keith Cooper of Northlight Images has written a detailed, objective review of Nik HDR Efex Pro.

Please Click the link below:

Nik HDR Efex Pro – review

UK Commercial photography – Northlight Images

This HDR image by Keith Cooper was processed in HDR Efex Pro and converted to B&W in Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Dec 282010

This is  terrific comparison of two excellent HDR software programs by one of the best HDR photographers: Jason Odell, PhD. Have a look!

HDR Efex Pro vs. Photomatix Pro | Luminescence of Nature™

Dec 272010

Check out this amazing gallery of images by Jason P. Odell Ph D. and Tony Sweet from their new book, “The Photographer’s Guide to HDR Efex Pro”

HDR Gallery by Jason Odell & Tony Sweet

Luminescence of Nature Press™ Educating Photographers, One Pixel at a Time

Nov 152010

This was an image that I made with the Canon 5D and Seitz VR Drive during a trip to Colorado in the fall of 2007. Recently, I noticed that I had never processed this HDR panorama. So, I thought I’d try using some new software. I used DXO Optics Pro 6 to process the RAW files. I did this to eliminate chromatic aberrations and to reduce image noise. For stitching, I used the latest beta version of Autopano Pro from Kolor, which has a fabulous new stacking feature. It stacks the bracketed exposures and then stitches them in perfect registration. I used HDR Expose to merge the three resulting files. Finally I did some post processing in Photoshop CS5 and the Viveza2 Photoshop plug-in from Nik.

Kolor, AutoPano Pro – Panorama stitching software – Panoramic photo software – image stitching

Nik Viveza 2, Precise Selective Photo Editing

See it here, Richard Sisk Productions

This HDR image does not look like an HDR and that is intentional!