Mar 112014

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Apple Adds Auto HDR to iOS 7.1… If You Have an iPhone 5S

Mar 082014

Other NR software tend to strike a good balance between processing speed and quality. By contrast, DeNoise focuses entirely on the quality of the results you get. (The trade-off is that it takes longer to process an image in order to get better results.) For example, notice below that the books stay sharp and that there’s no soft edges or smudged details:


This technology makes DeNoise useful for “tough” cases of image noise. It can save photos that photographers might otherwise throw away.

By the way, sometimes I find an area in an image where the noise bugs me while the rest of the image looks fine. I’ll give you an example:
If I am preparing an image for a big enlargement sometimes the sky will be too textured for my taste. When was the last time you looked up into a blue sky and saw noise or grain?

Anyway, I will select the sky in a case like this, put it on a separate layer and run DeNoise. What makes this so effective is that DeNoise will knock out the texture and then I can use the grain slider to add just a bit of much finer grain back into that area. It is usually a dramatic improvement. Adding that tiny bit of grain will help avoid banding and keep the image looking “Organic”.

Denoise is great, but don’t take my word for it. Download the free trial and see for yourself!

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Mar 052014

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Shooting Challenge: HDR Photography

HDR. It used to be a photographic technique reserved for those fluent in Photoshop. Now, it’s a go-to filter in every point-and-shoot and app. For this week’s Shooting Challenge, we’ll celebrate this democratization of the art form and all shoot in High Dynamic Range.


Feb 272014

Nikon’s New Flagship DSLR Is a Supercharged Low-Light Champ | Gadget Lab |

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“If only the highest-end DSLR will do for you, you’ll be happy to know there’s a new flagship full-frame Nikon camera at the top of DSLR mountain. The newly announced Nikon D4S is a successor to the venerable D4, and comes with a host of improvements, including better autofocus capabilities, enhanced low-light shooting, and speedier data handling.

While the two cameras have the same megapixel count and sensor size — a 16.2-megapixel full-frame (FX format) imager — the sensor tucked inside the D4S is a newly developed chip, and the camera offers a newer image processor in the form of Nikon’s Expeed 4.”

Tim Moynihan|

Nikon D4s
Feb 212014

Topaz Labs Simplify

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Upcoming Topaz Webinars – February 2014


Feb 212014

Submit Your Best HDR Images And Win A $500 B&H Gift Card!

No matter your skill level, it’s time to submit your favorite HDR images to the2014 Unified Color HDR PhotoContest. It’s simple. Pick out your best HDR images, re-size them to 72 ppi in .jpg or .bef format (no wider than 1,200 pixels) and email them to us. It’s that easy!



2013 Honorable Mention Winning Entry by Robert Barnes

We will accept images for just 38 days and the winners will be announced on April 22, 2014 so you don’t have wait months to see how you did. There will be one grand-prize winner who receives a $500 Gift Card to B&H Photo. There will also be two Honorable Mention winners who will receive $100 B&H gift cards

To see the complete contest rules click here.

To check out the winners or our 2013 contest go here


Who can enter?
- Anyone with a legal residence in the United States or Canada can enter.*

How do I enter?
- Just choose your favorite HDR images and resize them to 72 ppi at a width no wider than 1,200 pixels in .jpg or .bef format.

Email your entries to us at

The body of your entry email must include your name and current email address and it must state “I have read and accept the contest rules”..

The entry must have been edited in HDR Expose 3, HDR Express 2 or 32 Float v3 at some point in it’s creation.

What are the prizes?
- There will be one over-all winner who will receive a $500 gift card to B&H Photo. There will also be two Honorable Mentions who will each win $100 gift cards to B&H Photo.

When can I submit my entries?
- Today. Right now! We will accept entries until midnight on Monday, March 31, 2014.

When will you announce the winners?
- We will announce the winners on or around Friday, April 11, 2014 on the Unified Color website and blog.

* Employees or vendors of Unified Color Technologies or their family members may not enter the contest

Feb 112014

Google+ Photos caters to pixel peepers and HDR fans | Internet & Media – CNET News


Two new options expand what’s possible with online photo editing on Google+.

You can check focus with 100 percent zoom and give photos an HDR look.

Feb 082014

Google has slowly but steadily evolving Google+‘s photography-centric features, the latest of which includes two much-anticipated additions: HDR Scape, which brings single-click tone mapping to images via Google+ on the Web, and Zoom, which is exactly what it sounds like.

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Feb 022014

Try Photomatix Pro 5 Free!

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Jan 082014

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CES: Technicolor Taking on Dolby Vision With High Dynamic Range Imaging System

Samsung UHD Concept Art - H 2013

Technicolor and Dreamworks Animation’s 4K streaming service

“LAS VEGAS — Technicolor is presenting a high dynamic range (HDR) imaging technology demonstration with an eye toward improving the consumer viewing experience – effectively taking on Dolby’s newly announced Dolby Vision, which is another development aimed at offering higher dynamic range to create better pictures, whether for HD or 4K content.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Technicolor – Technology-driven company for Media & Entertainment


Jan 022014
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Behind the scenes with Dolby’s new HDR TV tech | TV and Home Theater – CNET Reviews

“While the majority of the TV industry prattles on about higher and higher resolutions, few talk about improving other,

more important aspects of the TVs picture: contrast ratio and color.

Dolby, though best known for its audio technologies, has been doing a lot with video recently too.

The latest development addresses dynamic range, or difference between light and dark, for televisions.

The company says it wants to enhance not just contrast ratios, but the richness and realism of color as well.”

-Geoffrey Morrison, CNET

Nov 272013

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