First look – Panasonic LX100 review and footage

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Nov 212014


I would say that he Cinema5D team does the best video reviews on new cameras. Johnnie Behiri filmed this example and gives a frank review of the 4K video capabilities of the new Panasonic Lumix LX100. I learn more about cinematography each time I see one of the short films Johnnie shoots.

“If I have to define the Panasonic LX100 in two sentences, those are the once I would have chosen to use but this time, it’s not me it’s her (the camera) and yes, so close yet so FAR away….
With 4K internal recording, relatively large sensor (4/3”) and other professional feature like Zebra, peaking and a fast lens (f1.7-2.8), you might have mistaken the Panasonic LX100 to be a serious working tool especially when considering its price tag ($899). Well, it is and it’s not….True, the overall picture quality is nice, but when starting to look at it carefully, that’s when the disappointment is starting to build up. Moiré can be very ugly and the “rolling shutter effect” is un avoidable.”

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