How One Small Change To Apple iPhone 6 Revolutionizes Photography

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Sep 172015



Anyone who takes pictures with their phones (which would be at least half the people on this planet), does so to preserve special moments. That’s what photography is all about, right? The dilemma, when it comes to capturing a special moment with your phone, however, is whether to take a still photo, or to take a video. A still photo captures an instant moment, albeit not always quite well enough to tell the whole story. A video? Often more moments than the people you’d like to share it with would care to see. What Apple has done with Live Photos is to solve this dilemma. Without doing anything different than you’d ordinarily do, Live Photos extends the moment of the capture by combining the best of still photography and video. It allows you to pick up those critical few seconds just before and after the picture is taken, adding delightfully natural elements of wonder and magic to the moment. Bringing it to life in a whole new way.

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A video app that takes HDR

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Oct 142014

“I’ve always liked the flexibility that HDR photography provides in difficult lighting conditions, and I’ve often hoped I could use the same technology for video. If you have a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you don’t have to wait. Live HD/R (US$2.99) is an app that can shoot High Dynamic Range videos in real time.

That’s quite a feat, and developer Oliver Haynold told me the faster processor and re-worked camera sensor makes it possible on the new iPhones, it just takes special software to unlock the HDR video features.”


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Apple’s appalling iPhone 6 camera compromise

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Sep 192014

Apple is a company renowned for making products that are not only functional, but also beautiful. When you buy an apple product you’re buying something that’s been crafted as opposed to being cobbled together. Overseeing design at Apple is Jony Ive, the London-born designer who has worked up the ranks at the company since 1992 to take the post of senior vice president of design.

Given Apple’s design heritage, and Ive’s customarily well-calibrated eye, I have to wonder how this carbuncle came to adorn the iPhone 6.

I’m talking about the protrusion from the otherwise sleek exterior of the iPhone 6 to accommodate the camera lens, something that from this point on I will call the “camera nubbin.”

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The New iPhone 6 Camera Is Nice, But I Want More

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Sep 122014

“On Tuesday, Apple announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus, and Apple “fan boys”(I’m one of them) jumped for joy worldwide. Apple is one the very few companies that can drag their feet developing technology (to get it just right) and not lose its fan base, even if it takes years to do what other companies have already been doing (larger screens come to mind). Apple products are sexy, there is no doubt about that. Every time Apple releases a new product or upgrade, I’m always drooling as I stare at my computer screen calculating my expenses to see if I can afford their newest offering and honestly, the iPhone 6 is no different.”

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