Magic Cinema ViewFinder – Free Director’s Viewfinder App for iOS & Android

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Oct 022019

Magic Cinema ViewFinder is an application for iOS and Android devices that makes location scouting a lot easier. Although there are already a couple of apps in the market that do the same thing, the Magic Cinema ViewFinder is free. Let’s take a closer look at it!

Location Scouting with Your Smartphone

Back in the days, I used to take stills with a point-and-shoot compact camera while doing location scouting. Don’t get me wrong; it’s still relevant today. But, we now all have in our pocket a smartphone that features a capable camera, and that can launch dozens of apps to make your life easier. I use tools like Sun Surveyor to know where the sun will be at any given hour. Also, Green Screener is an excellent app if the job requires green screen lighting. But one of the most useful to me is Cadrage, which is a viewfinder tool for location scouting.

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Neural net photography tweaks go mobile with Prisma on iOS

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Jun 282016

We’ve seen DeepMind’s acid trip photo creations and what it looks like when algorithms colorize black and white photos. But you need to be near a computer for the former, and do some pretty heavy lifting, scientifically speaking, to set up the latter. But an iOS app is putting algorithm-based photo tweaks in your pocket. Dubbed Prisma, it takes a different approach than, say, Instagram. The app’s filters are artistic, in the painterly definition of the word.

Either take a new photo from within the app or import a pre-existing one (don’t bother with anything aside from vertical shots) and pick from one of about 20 filters, then export to your social network of choice. Fancy making a pile of coat hangers on your end table look like a pencil sketch? Have at it. Same goes for transforming into a The Scream-like brushstroke patterns. The development team tells TechCrunch that the goal is to add two or more new filters each day, and expects to have 40 within a month.

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Facebook adds support for 360-degree videos

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Sep 252015


360-degree video has arrived on Facebook.

The social network is beginning to add the immersive videos to the News Feed, the company announced Wednesday. The videos will be viewable from the web and from Facebook’s iOS and Android apps.

The videos, first announced at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, are filmed with a special camera setup that captures q full 360-degree view of the scene. Much like the 360-degree videos on YouTube, you can change your view of the video by dragging you finger (or cursor, if you’re on a browser) around the screen or holding your phone at a different angle.

The videos will be available on the web and Android app first and will roll out to the iOS app “in the coming months.”

Facebook is partnering with a select group of publishers on the videos — including Disney and Lucasfilm, GoPro, Vice and Saturday Night Live — to start but says it will open up the videos to more people “who are at the cutting edge of exploring this medium” in the next few days.


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Why I Made an iOS App for My Personal Photo Portfolio

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Aug 112015


A few months ago I decided to do something a little different and create an iOS app to present my photography. I had been thinking about it for a while and had a vague idea of what I wanted the app to achieve and how I wanted it to work.

Portfolio websites are great for photographers to showcase their work to potential clients but unless the website has additional content, there is no reason for people to keep coming back. This is why many people add a blog to their website with behind-the-scenes or tips-and-tricks content.

As an avid Instagram user and an app developer I started thinking about the possibilities of a mobile portfolio. In the world of photography, engagement is key, so I chose to take my portfolio and put it on a platform that begs for interaction: mobile. Imagine having your photography portfolio on someone’s phone and the ability to push updates to them. It’s an interesting idea and one that I wanted to experiment with, so I began designing the app.

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Paint FX 3.1 for iOS adds three new HDR Effects!

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Jul 022012

Paint FX 3.1 for iOS | PhotographyBLOG