Iconic Images: Rock And Roll Photographer Henry Diltz

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Apr 272015

Henry Diltz is a former musician who took some of the most iconic photos of the 1960s and ’70s, many of which graced the covers of groundbreaking albums. Crosby Stills and Nash, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, the Doors, the Eagles, all became friends and subjects.

Diltz also shot iconic magazine covers and continues to work today, but when he spoke recently to a group of 20-something students at the Berklee College of Music, it was clear his early work still resonates. He reflected on that early work with Here & Nows Robin Young. As you listen to their conversation, you can follow along with the images below.


Graham Nash, Stephen Stills and David Crosby, 1969. They decided to be Crosby, Stills & Nash (CSN) after this photo shoot was taken. When they all went back to retake the photos, the building had been torn down. This became their first album cover. (Henry Diltz)


The Doors, 1969. Ray Manzarek and his wife Dorothy were driving through downtown L.A. when they saw Morrison Hotel. When the band went to shoot photos there, the guy behind the desk told them they needed the owners permission, and that he was out of town. So, Diltz and the band shot photos in front of the window and when the guy left the desk they ran inside and got this photo. (Henry Diltz)

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