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Try Photomatix Pro 5 Free!

Here’s how:

Visit the Photomatix Download site:

Download HDR photography software Photomatix

Download the Photomatix Pro trial version for Windows or Mac.

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Please check out Farbspiel Photography for more great videos and information from Klaus Herrmann:

farbspiel photography – View. Learn. Connect.


Oct 252012


Check out more of Manny’s videos here:

Manny’s Videos on Vimeo

Jun 212012

H.D.R. Photography for the Realist – NYTimes.com

Dec 272011

Here is a review and tutorial of Photomatix 4 HDR software from HDRsoft. To get a free trial of Photomatix Pro 4 click the box image  below.

Photomatix Pro Version 4 Review and Tutorial – Blogcritics Sci/Tech

Purchase Photomatix Pro or download the free trial here:

HDR photography software & plugin for Lightroom, Aperture & Photoshop – Tone Mapping, Exposure Fusion & High Dynamic Range Imaging for photography

The making of HDR panoramas by, Zsolt Zsigmond

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Nov 202011

Zsolt Zsigmond has put together a very comprehensive tutorial on his methods for creating HDR panos.

Please see the link below:


Jul 222011

You can download the new version at the link below:

Download HDR photography software Photomatix

Note: The above download pages are also for upgrading your registered version of Photomatix Pro.

The upgrade to version 4 is free of charge for customers who purchased a license of version 3.

Coupon code: “HDR360pro”.

May 102011

See how you like this collection of HDR photographs:

80 More Top-End HDR Photos

The Online Portfilio of Peter Sawyer


Marc is from Madrid, Spain and creates some of the most dynamic HDR Photos anywhere.

May 042011

Dom Bower has created a video tutorial on the subject of bracketing for HDR .

He also demonstrates a very useful Photomatix Pro workflow.

Thanks Dom!


Be sure to click on the link below for more Dom Bower tutorials:

Dom Bower Photo Blog: HDR editing tips

Apr 092011

Blake Rudis has an excellent new tutorial on getting great HDR results from Photomatix Pro! By the way, this tutorial looks best at 1080p and full-screen.


Everyday HDR » The only HDR blog for Everyday Use!

Apr 042011

A Beginners Guide to HDR Travel Photography

New to HDR? Check out this article by Gary Arndt!

Mar 222011

Check out this “Well done” tutorial on HDR food photography by talented graphic designer/video producer Jason Watson!

HDR Food Photography Tutorial « deviantmonk

Mar 112011

Have wondered how those amazing HDR time-lapse sequences are done? Philip Panchenko has created a terrific tutorial! Check it out:

[vimeo width=”560″ height=”340″]http://vimeo.com/20911360[/vimeo]

Philip Panchenko on Vimeo