Test Drive: Freefly Mimic with Chase Jarvis

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Apr 142015


We live in a world of superlatives and emphatic ballooned statements, that in all reality the very poignancy of the terms and phrases has been diluted. ‘Game changing,’ ‘revolutionary,’ is tacked onto anything new, and of course everyone’s favorite adjective, ‘Epic,’ (which, by the way, will force me to be sick on you if said in my presence).

Of course, these sorts of terms can mean more or less depending on the source, and in our world, the image world, few people have the reputation and gravitas to distinguish something as game-changing or to repudiate such a claim, as Chase Jarvis. According to Chase, democratization of the tech by bringing it to the masses is a key element, and in case you were unaware, Chase has done photo and video work with names like Apple, Nike, Nikon, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. He’s also a founder and COO of Creative Live, on the forefront of our field, and the education within it.

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