Intro to Video: A Photographer’s Guide to Filmmaking

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Aug 012018

As more and more people call themselves “professional photographers,” the need to diversify and offer other services to your clients is rapidly growing. With social media and advertising visuals fighting for more and more of our attention, the importance of video is at an all time high. Luckily, if you are a photographer, you already have 90% of the tools you need to start making professional videos and multimedia productions. This new Fstoppers tutorial on videography is aimed at helping both professional and amateur photographers take the gear they already own and start producing high quality videos. There is no better time to learn how to film video than right now!

Intro to Videography

The idea behind the Fstoppers website was first born back in 2010 when Patrick Hall and Lee Morris both had an interest in learning how to shoot video. Having both been successful wedding photographers, Patrick and Lee saw the value videography could supply to their own photography businesses. Over the years, Fstoppers has grown from a little side project used to explore behind the scenes videos into a full blown world wide community of photographers and videographers. Since 2010 when DSLRs first started shooting high definition video, Lee and Patrick have seen photographers and social media influencers transitioning to video at an alarming rate. In today’s cut throat market, the trend is very clear: if you are not incorporating video along side you photography, you are going to get left behind.

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MIOPS MOBILE: A Versatile Camera Remote That Connects to Your Phone

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Oct 242016

With only 3 days left and over triple the minimum funding goal of $50 000, Miops Mobile is offering something that is both useful and compact for your everyday filmmaking needs.

Camera Remotes have been a standard tool in everyone’s kit for a while now, but they can be expensive, plain and boring. Many have tried to use Kickstarter as a platform to reinvent the small black and white screened remotes. With Apple OS Kits allowing customers to tap into the power of mobile applications, MIOPS have tapped into the power of using an app that allows more than any trigger could possibly offer, and that at an even better price.

MIOPS MOBILE Remote features

Motion, Vibration Sense and Sound Trigger Mode

The app’s MOTION mode uses the smartphone’s camera to watch for the action. It captures photos of moving objects without the need for a manual trigger. This could be useful for capturing wildlife, or even a moving selfie.

The MIOPS MOBILE will also trigger a shot using its vibration sense feature. Using the architecture of a smartphone’s gyroscope and accelerometer, the phone can be attached to a pole, which will allow you to capture your best slam dunk.

Using the smartphone’s microphone, the MIOPS is capable of triggering on sound bites.

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This Filmmaker Turned His Own Documentary Into a Powerful Narrative Film

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Sep 142015

Many nonfiction filmmakers have turned to fiction filmmaking, but it’s rare if not unheard of for them to adapt their own documentary into a narrative feature. That’s the case with Morgan Matthews. The British director makes his fiction film debut with “A Brilliant Young Mind,” based on his 2007 documentary “Beautiful Young Minds,” which tracked the selection process and training of a young British team competing for the International Mathematical Olympiad.


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FCPX Creative Summit announced June 26-28 2015, Santa Clara, California

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Mar 092015

fcpx creative summit

Future Media Concepts has announced the first Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit to be held June 26-28th 2015 in Santa Clara, California. You’ll get lots of presentations, conference sessions and a trip to the Apple campus to hear from the FCPX team including the product managers.

There was an Adobe Premier World, so it made sense that a dedicated Final Cut Pro X event would happen afterwards. FMC Training has announced a 4 day event called the FCPX Creative Summit that starts on Thursday the 25th of June 2015.

The schedule looks pretty good featuring some well know speakers such as Jeff Greenberg, Steve Martin, Abba Shapiro and Mark Spencer. It looks like there will be three rooms in operation, one for FCPX, one for Motion and the other for workflow and case studies.

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