A Look behind the Film Restoration Of “Jaws”

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Dec 072014


As part of Universal’s 100th anniversary, a team of restoration experts took on the task of digitally remastering the classic film “Jaws.” The fully restored feature required intense labor from colorists, digital artists, audio engineers, preservation experts, and everyone in between. In this fascinating documentary, we get a look at all the various complex efforts taken in order to bring the ‘70s blockbuster in to the digital age.
Director Steven Spielberg comments in the video, “It’s the movie that people remember, [now] it’s just really crystal clear and vivid.” Adding no material changes to such an iconic film should be very important to any restoration effort. Throughout the documentary, we are reiterated with the principle that this restoration is purely about clarity in visuals and sound.


It’s been a couple years since this fully restored digital remaster came out. Have you had the chance to see this version? If so, were you impressed with the upgraded quality?

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