FDRTools 2.6.0 Beta1 released!

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Feb 132012

As I type I am downloading this new beta release of FDRTools 2.6.0. The big news: This is now the 64 bit version! For us panorama people with the huge files this is great! Thanks Andreas!

FDRTools – High Dynamic Range HDR Imaging Digital Panorama Photography Software

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HDR News | FDRTools 2.5.0 released!

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Dec 202011

Merged to HDR and tone-mapped in FDRtools 2.5.0, post in Photoshop CS5 and Viveza2. 

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FDRTools – High Dynamic Range HDR Imaging Digital Panorama Photography Software

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“FDRTools is a well laid out simple-to-use program that offers benefits not afforded by the other HDR merging programs.

In other programs the typical workflow is to pre-select the source images and merge them, then tone map. Merging to HDR and tonemapping are treated as separate operations. There is no option to go back and change how the source images influence the final tone mapped image.

FDRTools has bridged the gap between merging and tonemapping; the user has the ability to look at the tone mapped image then in real time edit the merging of source images. The user can choose to include or not include a particular source image, can weight the influence of a source image from 0-100% (like opacity in PS), change the white balance, and remove ghosting. Think of the source images as an image stack similar to “layers” in Photoshop. Each change is made with a click or move of the slider button followed by an immediate update to the tone mapped image.

It can’t get anymore interactive than that.”

Ferrell McCollough

FDRtools Discounts!

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Feb 172011

I am pleased to announce that there are new HDR360pro discounts on FDRtools software products.

Find direct links to individual AGS Technik* software products under the “Software Discounts” tab on the navbar at the top of the page.

*AGS Technik is the provider of the FDRtools range of HDR software products.

Please visit the FDRtools site by clicking the FDRTools logo below:

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FDRTools 2.4.0 Released!

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Feb 102011

Please use coupon code: “HDR360pro” upon checkout.

I have used FDRTools HDR software for some time. The hallmark of this HDR program is clean merges. Where some programs tend to create artifacts FDRTools produces very clean output. That is important if you will be making large prints or submitting to stock agencies.

Andreas Schömann, the author of FDRTools is excellent in his continuing development and support of FDRTools.

FDRTools 2.4.0 released

24 Jan 2011

Version 2.4.0 brings new features and many improvements to the “innards”. It is now possible to process large images. Introduction of multithreading utilizes the power of multicore processors. Moreover new options allow for more control over the tone mapping process.