RED raw R3D import supported by Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6

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Nov 162012

The Red Epic digital cinema camera HDRx feature  allows and additional 2 to 6 stops in extended dynamic range. Now Final Cut Pro X supports Red raw file import! Now Final Cut Pro X supports importing native Red R3D raw files.


Here is a quote from


HDRx is a RED invention that is built into every EPIC and Scarlet camera giving the user an option for extended dynamic range when the situation calls for it… from 2 to 6 stops over native by preset.


In a single camera, HDRx simultaneously shoots two image tracks of whatever resolution and frame rate you have chosen. The primary track (A-track) is your normal exposure. The secondary track (X-track) is a “highlight protection” exposure that you determine in the menu settings. You select the amount of highlight protection you need in stops… 2,3,4,5, or 6. Each stop represents a stop less exposure in shutter speed. Example… if you select 2 and your primary exposure is 1/48th sec, the X-track will be two stops less exposure at 1/192 sec. The ISO and aperture remain the same for both exposures.

During recording, the two tracks are “motion-conjoined”, meaning there is no gap in time between the two separate exposures. If they were two alternating standard exposures, there would be a time gap between the two tracks that would show up as an undesirable motion artifact. Both tracks (A & X) are stored in a single R3D. Since there are two exposures, the camera is recording double the amount of frames. For example, if you are shooting 24fps, the camera is recording 2-24fps tracks, the data equivalent of 48fps.* After combining the two tracks for playback you see only one 24fps motion stream.”

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