Jul 292014

Our friend Klaus Herrmann has created a terrific introduction to the fusion real estate method.

To read the article please click the link below:

Farbspiel Photography


Photomatix Pro 5 – Review of the new features, with Klaus Herrmann

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Nov 062013


Photomatix Pro 5 – Review of the new features – farbspiel photography

Try Photomatix Pro Beta:

Beta Release – Photomatix Pro 5

Nov 092012

One of my favorite HDR photographic artists is Klaus Hermann. His site:

farbspiel photography – View. Learn. Connect.

Here is a quote from his superb photography website:

“My name is Klaus Herrmann. I am a photographer, author, educator and creator of the HDR Cookbook. On this website, you get access to my work and a variety of resources covering the photographic techniques I use. These techniques include HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging, as well as panorama and vertorama photography.

I am from Germany, and my background is in science and education. I hold a PhD in computer science, and I have worked in research and teaching at different universities for 14 years, authoring over 70 scientific publications. I have also been a triathlete and a musician for many years. All of this influences my approach to photography in which I combine my creativity and artistic vision with a methodological scientific approach and quite some endurance. I love digging beneath the surface in photography and elsewhere in life, and I enjoy teaching and explaining complex stuff in a way that makes it accessible and applicable for a wider public.”

Click the link below to read the story behind this great HDR photograph:

The Tube (HDR) – farbspiel photography


Jul 162011

Many of you have visited “HDR Cookbook” by farbspiel photography. If you haven’t you are in for a treat! I saw this presentation for the first time yesterday and was blown away by the effort Klaus puts into creating some of the best HDR photography I have seen. Please visit the HDR Cookbook site at the link below, as there is a wealth of great information on creating dynamic HDR photos! Pay special attention to the tips on using Topaz software to enhance your HDR images.

This presentation looks best in full-screen and 1080p.


HDR Cookbook – by farbspiel

farbspiel on Flickr