Canon XC10 versus Sony RX10 III. The Canon is underrated!

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Jun 102016

The Canon XC10 is underrated on paper, not least by me! Having very little interest in one I decided anyway to give it a try.

Glad I did.

When Zeiss build a lens they do it at a very high technical level, but the also tune it subjectively to give it a cinematic look. It’s the same with cameras. What Canon do, in particular with regard to colour is that they don’t just ramp up the tech-specs, without tuning the image for a subjectively more pleasing result. When Sony build a camera they do so at a very high technical level, but they’re not currently applying an artisan touch in the lab. Never has this been more apparent with the Sony RX10 III.

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Dec 042015


The already very strange Samsung controversy just took an unexpected turn. It must be noted this is a rumour and it is up to you whether to believe it or not! There’s no official announcement but looking at it logically it would definitely explain why Samsung felt it ok to pull their NX system off the market despite having some very valuable (class leading) technology under the hood.

I always felt the decision to suddenly end Samsung camera sales was strange and needed a better explanation.

Now we might have a good one. I read on Slashcam and Mirrorless Rumors today that Nikon “have bought Samsung’s NX technology to launch a pro mirrorless camera”.

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Jun 162015


I haven’t verified the claims so take this news with a pinch of salt for now, but with or without salt the A7R II is looking very tasty indeed.

According to Faymus Media on the SonyAlphaRumors forum, the A7R II ‘eliminates’ rolling shutter in Super 35mm video mode.

It could be that Sony have engaged a global shutter for full pixel readout which would make a lot of sense considering just how many pixels there are to shift on this beast! Sony refer to an ‘anti-rolling shutter’ feature in the RX10 II press release but I have seen no official mention of it for the A7R II yet. Since they already have S35 sensors on the market with a global shutter readout and the A7R II having arguably the most advanced sensor yet produced by the company, let’s not rule it out.


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Apr 172015


The catchily named “LG 31MU97-B” is in fact not a submarine but a 10bit IPS 4K DCI display with 99.5″ Adobe RGB colour gamut.

Is this a better option than the 5K iMac display? I think it could be…

The LG 4K DCI display is one of the VERY FEW true cinema 4K monitors out there and a good match to any of the new cameras shooting DCI 4K in 4096 x 2160 resolution, like the GH4, NX1 and 1D C. At 31″ it is also bigger than the 27″ iMac 5K, which helps.

So does the 10,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio, 10bit colour and 5ms Response Time.

It’s not massively cheap but it isn’t expensive for what it is. The suggested retail price is $1399. Street price lower. B&H currently have the display for $1229. I purchased mine in Berlin for 1099 euros inc. tax. That’s not too much more than the 3440 x 1440 21:9 ratio LG 34UM95 (799 euros).

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Nov 142014

The 1.5″ sensor records 6K video (6144 x 2160 according to the leak at Chinese site CNBeta via Image Sensors World) and only requires 4.85MP, meaning the pixels themselves are massive – almost 10 µm in width compares to 8.4 µm for the Sony A7S, 5.2 µm for the 5D Mark III. However unlike the traditionally square photosites on bayer sensors, the Sony APCS pixels are rectangular, measuring 9.78 x 4.89 µm (micrometers). More at EOSHD


Dec 232011

This is great news from Andrew Reid for all of us 5D Mark II people!

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EOSHD tests the new Magic Lantern Unified on 5D Mark II |

Andrew Reid on Vimeo

Many thanks to Alex at Magic Lantern!