The Affordable Sigma 30mm f/1.4 is the Best E-Mount Lens DxO Has Tested

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Jul 032016


This is a big week for new top-tier gear at DxOMark. First, they crowned the Canon 1D X Mark II the best Canon sensor they’ve ever tested, and now the affordable Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary has been named DxO’s top-ranking Sony E-Mount prime.

The full review dropped earlier today, and if you’re looking for a super-sharp lens for your Sony E-Mount APS-C camera, you need look no further. According to DxOMark, the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DN is “an excellent standard prime option for Sony E-mount cameras and ranks at the top for all lenses we’ve tested on the A6000.”


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Nov 132015


“Earlier this year DxO announced a large jump from the world of software developer and hardware tester to camera manufacturer with the release of the DxO ONE, a camera that nestles into your palm and is controlled via smartphone to give you ‘DSLR quality’ images. That was the promise, and we were eager to see for ourselves.

Why It’s Particularly Interesting

It should be understood that this camera is mainly interesting for two reasons: its size to power ratio, and possibly more so, its name. The mere fact it’s a DxO product meant that from the onset it was going to pique the interest of a group that isn’t typically attracted to phone cameras (and by that I mean proper shooters). Shooters who are used to the quality of a DSLR and who want as close to that as possible for more casual shooting, without the size and fuss.”


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Sep 062015

I am a big fan of DXO Optics Pro and DXOMark. Now DXO has released the DXO One camera for the iPhone. However there is a significant issue of the combo coming loose…

Oct 282014

Between now and January 31st of 2015, those interested in switching up your post-processing workflow and experimenting with software outside of the Adobe ecosystem have a great incentive to do so: DxO has partnered with Digital Photographer to offer free, no strings attached licenses of DxO Optics Pro 8 to anybody who wants one.

I have been a longtime user of DXO OpticPro and in my view it is excellent.

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Aug 012014

I have several software products to do film emulation. One of my favorites is DXO FilmPack 3.

Here’s why:

The grain is the most realistic and the emulations are adjustable! Lately I have used DXO Filmpack 3 for all of my black and white conversions.

Click here to see some samples

Now you can get it FREE until August 15th, 2014.

Please click the image below to get your copy!boxshot-left-en~

Nov 172010

I have been a fan of DXO Optics Pro for several years now and look forward to trying this new HDR plug-in.

New DxO HDR plug-in for DxO Optics Pro soon available