Why Should You Buy the DJI Mavic Air 2?

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Jun 142020

The Mavic Air 2, DJI’s latest drone, sits squarely between its other drones, the Mavic Mini and the Mavic 2 Pro, but what does it offer that its siblings don’t? Gena Nagata, a.k.a Potato Jet, takes all three for a spin to find out.

The size and convenience of the Mavic Mini made the world of drones suddenly incredibly accessible, and the Mavic Pro 2 offers some higher-end features that make it suitable for slightly bigger projects. As you’d expect, the Mavic Air 2 brings a little of both, and for Nagata, it’s enough that this is his day-to-day drone of choice.

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This ‘$250,000 Drone’ Footage Will Probably Be The Best Video You’ll See All Day

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Apr 072015


Get ready to leave your jaw on the floor. Brain Farm Cinema, the production company that is one of the global leaders for capturing ultra high quality, pioneering action sports and documentary cinematic digital video, has done something no one else has. They have just released this stunning footage showing what happens when you strap a very expensive high speed cinema camera, to a very expensive drone, and fly around trying not to have a $250,000 mishap. The footage is glorious, and is.

According to Brain Farm Cinema CEO, Curt Morgan, the idea for what they’ve managed to achieve has been 5 years in the making. Curt, who started Brain Farm when an injury prevented him from continuing a professional snowboarding career, has broken new ground with this level of sophistication and experimentation. The issue – up until now – has been trying to find a drone capable of lifting the 30lb + payload of the Phantom 4K Flex, the world’s best high speed camera (not to mention a team capable enough to pull the whole thing off).

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Brain Farm shoots first-ever Ultra HD Phantom Flex4k drone footage

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Apr 032015

Brain Farm paired a Phantom Flex4K with an Aerigon UAV to shoot the world’s first Ultra High Definition, 4K aerial drone footage. The combination is a cinematic game changer.

What does 1000 frames per second at 4K resolution translate to? Stunningly high-quality slow motion footage. Until now the images captured by the Phantom Flex 4K have been limited by the camera’s weight. Simply put: It’s too heavy for most drones to carry.

Brain Farm, the production company that raised the cinematography bar in action sports filmmaking with the landmark movies, That’s It, That’s All, The Art of Flight and the soon-to-be-released We Are Blood, partnered with drone manufacturer Intuitive Aerial to develop a cinema-focused UAV system capable of carrying the camera.

The result is what you see here: The world’s first aerial footage shot from a UAV with a Phantom Flex4k. The world of options this technological combination will open up is about to break the ceiling of possibility in digital cinematic storytelling.

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