Dolby taking on IMAX with own cinema format

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Dec 112014


Dolby has revealed that it will be launching its own advanced cinema format that will directly rival IMAX.

The company might be equated with high quality audio in most people’s minds, but Dolby is taking another massive step into the world of cinematic visuals.

Dolby recently announced a new movie projection format called Dolby Cinema. The idea is to pair the company’s high-end sound technology with its Dolby Vision, which applies high dynamic range technology to films.

Dolby Vision hit 4K TV sets this year, bringing with it “high dynamic range with enhanced colour technology that has been praised by filmmakers for its amazing contrast, high brightness, and colour range that more closely matches what the human eye can see,” according to Dolby.

Expect to see the first Dolby Vision projectors hitting select theatres in 2015.

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