Exclusive – Samsung NX500 Footage; First Impressions

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Mar 192015

Traditionally, the market for photo cameras that can shoot video is being ruled by the Japanese manufacturers, but now it looks like Samsung, the mighty Korean giant manufacturer is very determined to change the face of the pro-sumer camera industry especially when it comes to affordable large sensor 4K video recording within those photo cameras.

samsung-nx500The Samsung NX1 was their first serious attempt to enter this slowly growing market and now they are proudly presenting the “little sister”, the Samsung NX500.
As stated in the “important notice” above, I kindly ask you NOT to conclude any final thoughts regarding that camera based on the sample Footage above, simply because it is a very early “engineering sample” and as such it has some limitations like:

  • 4K resolution recording is not functioning. The highest resolution I could shoot on was 2560×1440
  • x0.5 and x0.25 Slowmotion is not enabled

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Sony HDR Exmor RS Sensor Update

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May 142013


It is not surprising that  a huge amount of money has been invested in sensors for mobile phone cameras. My research indicates that Sony has spent about two billion dollars in R & D to develop the Exmor RS series of HDR sensors. The way they work is quite logical. Where conventional Bayer sensors are comprised of a single layer of pixels, the Exmor RS sensors are comprised of three layers. Each layer is sensitive to a different level of brightness. So the camera basically captures and combines three bracketed images during a single exposure. This HDR capture also works for HD video capture. Exmor RS also incorporates back illuminated sensor technology which moves the wiring behind the photo-diode for increased sensitivity.


The new Sony Experia Z uses a 1/3 inch 13 megapixel version of this sensor. By the end of this year we may very likely a much larger 20 megapixel Sony Exmor Sensor in the “Sony Honami” smart phone. It seems to me that if this sensor is scaled up, we may find a future variation in a professional DSLR. I would love to be able to avoid motion artifacts in my HDR images using this technology!

Sony Xperia



Is this the Sony Exmor RS “Honami”?


Sony i1 aka Honami cameraphone to land unlocked in the US this fall, alongside the 6.44″ Togari phablet

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Primer on Film and Digital Capture by Rob Hummel at Cine Gear Expo 2011

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Jul 112011

This video presentation by Kodak examines aspects of digital vs film capture. It is mostly focused on motion picture production, however still cameras are subject to most of the same limitations. There is a very interesting claim about eight minutes in, regarding dead pixels. Mr. Hummel explains why taking your digital camera on a commercial airliner may damage your sensor. What do you think? Have you experienced an increase in dead pixels after flying?