Taking Pictures (Animated Short Film) by Simon Taylor

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Apr 252015

Please take a few minutes to view this charming bit of animation from Simon Taylor. I have loved animation since my mother took me to see Walt Disney’s “Bambi” when I was about five. Years later, I walked into Hanna-Barbera Studios and was introduced to a lovely woman by the name of Jayne Barbera. She gave me a royal tour of the studio, including the opportunity to sit and watch an animation cameraman at work. Everyone was so kind to me there. I was about 19 years old at that point. Before I left, I was given a set of animation cels, brushes, animation pegs and paints. Animation is a fascinating art and often the artists involved are some of the most wonderful people…

Simon Taylor | Animator

Roy Kafri – Mayokero (Music Video)

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Oct 252014

I enjoyed this very creative look at some classic album covers combined cleverly with a bit of animation and music!


Made out of love and admiration for all the musicians and visual artists who’s art we grew up listening to and staring at.

Directing, Writing, Cinematography, Editing, and VFX: Vania Heymann.
Music by Roy Kafri.
Producing, Co­-writing and other stuff: Natan Schottenfels
Color: Tal Baltuch
“Revolver“ Animation: Yoav Shtibelman
Wardrobe: Mayan Toledano
Roy’s “Acowpella Beatbox” album at: roykafri.bandcamp.com/
Actors: Patrick Griffith, Martin Pfefferkorn
Faces: Ben Bocker, Maya Ish Shalom, Gal Muggia, Anaelle Heymann, Yael Friedlander, Daniel Koren, Tom Metcalfe, Anisia Affek, Mark Coates, Yoav L. Wazana, Dan Farkas, Yinka Parris, Si Koroma, Alma Beck and Lazar Farkas the cat
Music Credits-
Composed by Roy Kafri
All Vocals by Roy Kafri
Mixed by Ori Shochat
Special Thanks to: Daniela Albin, Anisia Affek, Omri Anghel, Dan Farkas, Daniel Koren, Gal Muggia and Maya Ish Shalom
Roy Kafri’s Channel: youtube.com/user/roykafri