Amazon Launches High Dynamic Range Video Streaming

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Jun 262015


Well avid Amazon Prime Instant Video watchers, the wait for high dynamic range content has come to an end. We covered the anticipated release earlier this year, and now Amazon has confirmed that high dynamic range video streaming is now available to Amazon Prime subscribers at no additional cost. For those of you that do not already know, the high dynamic range effect is an extremely common tool in photography. Basically multiple photographs with exposures ranging from high to low are combined into a single, more accurate image. The result of this technique is often an image offering improved light to dark contrast ratios combined with natural tones the eye is used to seeing.

While this is definitely big news for Amazon Prime Instant Video watchers, it is important to note that high dynamic range will debut only on select Amazon Original Series. Furthermore, the press release states that only users with compatible Samsung SUHD 4K televisions will be able to enjoy high dynamic range content from Amazon Instant Video at this time. Although the online shopping giant’s launch of high dynamic range support won’t transform your video streaming experience across the board overnight, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

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