Lightroom Mobile HDR Camera Better than iPhone 7 HDR

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Apr 152017

Adobe just launched an update to Lightroom Mobile that lets users shoot HDR photos on iPhone and Android using the Lightroom Mobile app. The great photo organizing and editing app from Adobe will let users shoot their shots and then edit them after taking the photos. We’ll show users how to use the app to take beautiful shots in difficult lighting situations.

Why Shoot HDR Photos on iPhone?

First, what is HDR? It stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to a special kind of photography where the photographer shoots three or more photos using different light settings for each shot. For example, the person will shoot the first shot to get the brightest parts of the scenery well-lit, but this leaves the mid-tones and dark areas too dark. So they take another shot of the same scenery so that the mid-tones get the best exposure. However, this leaves the brightest areas, like a window in a room or the sky in a landscape photo, too bright. The darkest areas, like the shaded area under a tree in a landscape, look too dark. The third shot gets the best exposure for those dark areas, leaving the mid-tones and bright areas too bright.

An example of a beautiful landscape photo (source Pixabay user: hannsbenn).

Professional or high-end consumer cameras often give photographers the best option for shooting HDR photos. They automatically will shoot three or more shots using different exposure settings. Some apps will mimic this HDR look, but they don’t really work as well. The HDR setting on the iPhone 7 camera works okay, but not as well as Lightroom Mobile. Until now, using the camera app’s HDR setting gave users the best option for shooting HDR Photos on iPhone, but not anymore.

Before Adobe’s update to Adobe Lightroom Mobile, shooting HDR Photos on iPhone meant taking three shots and then exporting them to a computer. The photographer then combines the three or more shots into one shot with excellent lighting for all three areas, light, dark and mid-tones. That means uploading the photos, going to your desktop or laptop computer and opening a photo editor, like MacPhun’s Aurora HDR 2017 editing software or Adobe Photoshop CS.


How to Shoot HDR Photos on iPhone with Lightroom Mobile

First, install the app and sign up for an Adobe account if you don’t already have one. To get the most out of the app, you will need a subscription. The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan only costs $9.99/month and includes access to the full desktop/laptop versions of Photoshop and Lightroom plus the ability to sync between mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers. The free version lets users take photos using the steps below.

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Affinity Photo is Now on Windows: Get the Free Beta

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Nov 122016


One of the most highly regarded Photoshop alternatives is now available on Windows. Affinity Photo today launched its free public beta for Windows users, allowing anyone to download the popular pro photo editing software.


Affinity Photo first launched as a free public beta for Mac back in February 2015, amassing over 230,000 downloads before officially launching in July 2015 with a $50 price tag.

The app was selected as Apple’s “App of the Year” that year, and currently has a 5/5 star rating in the iTunes App Store.

The new Windows version of Affinity Photo is a feature-for-feature clone of the Mac version, so you’ll find all the familiar tools.

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Adobe Camera Raw 9.5 Has a New UI That Matches Photoshop (Finally)

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Mar 212016


Adobe Camera Raw is no longer the ugly duckling of the Adobe photo editing software family. Adobe just released version 9.5 of the RAW conversion software, and the update brings a new user interface that matches the look of Photoshop and Bridge.

“Your color scheme within Camera Raw will mimic Photoshop and Bridge, and you can change your color scheme by visiting the interface preferences within the host application,” Adobe says.

Here’s what the Adobe Camera Raw interface looked like in the past:


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Adobe Portfolio Helps Photographers Build Portfolio Websites in Minutes

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Jan 312016

If you’re looking to build an online portfolio website to showcase your best photos, Adobe Portfolio is a new option for doing so. Launched today, it’s a tool that helps creatives build simple yet beautiful portfolio sites.

The online editor is designed to help you get your own website designed, up, and running in just minutes.

You start out by picking a layout as a starting point (you can change your layout later on if you’d like). Next, you personalize the layout with your own style and design choices.

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Dec 232015


Adobe makes some of the most powerful graphics tools available, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Photoshop is by far the most popular tool for graphic designers and hardcore photo editors, but it isn’t Adobe’s only photo tool.

Adobe also makes a program called Lightroom, which is just the photo editing features of Photoshop. It’s a nice streamlined experience for people who don’t need Photoshop’s mountain of graphic design tools.

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Sep 022015


You’re a photographer, not a printer. You’re the artist, not the laborer; the visionary and not the executive. This is how most photographers see themselves, and they are most likely right. Are there photographers out there with phenomenal grasps of the technical side of the digital photo world? Sure, throw a rock in a room of a thousand and you’re bound to hit three or four, but they are the exceptions, and you’re likely the rule. In this digital age, where the playing field is greatly leveled, you should cross that line in the sand to be an exception.

But how does one do this? Well, for a start, understand that there’s a lot more to being a photographer than taking great images, and part of that is understanding the digital space in which we all now work. When we think of digital spaces (not that we all do very often), in this instance what I’m referring to is color spaces. It’s sort of a dreaded topic because, for an artist, it’s sort of the antithesis of what we want to be learning. But if you want your work to look as good as you know it is, you should have a grasp on it.


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Jul 282015


Adobe’s new Dehaze slider has been wowing photographers since it was launched for Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW last month. We’ve seen what it can do for haze, rainy days, and blizzards, but there’s yet another interesting application: enhancing photos of the starry night sky.

New Zealand-based photographer Tom Mackintosh recently did some casual experiments with this late one night from the outer suburbs of Auckland, where light pollution still affects his view of the sky.

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Jun 172015

Lightroom CC 2015 and Camera Raw 9.1 are available for download now. Bringing in the highly touted dehaze feature along with a grip of other improvements.

Dehaze and local black and white adjustment sliders are now available for Camera Raw 9.1 and Lightroom CC. Be advised that these features are not available in the standalone version of Lightroom 6.1. This feature is one I’m especially excited to try out on my hazy photos from the coast a few weeks back. I have been holding back processing them until this release. Per usual, the list of supported cameras has also grown in this update adding; Fujifilm X-T10, Nikon 1 J5, Nikon D810A, Panasonic DMC-G7, Pentaax K-S2, Pentax K3 II.

Lightroom for iOS just got the ability to now import, and sync your iPhone and iPad created videos from Lightroom on iOS to the web and desktop. Also added to the tools are Vignettes, ability to adjust the color channel and B&W mix, and added tone curve.

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Apr 222015


Adobe made a big announcement for Lightroom CC/6 yesterday, but if you use Adobe Camera Raw for your RAW processing, don’t worry: Adobe didn’t forget about you. Adobe also quietly rolled out Adobe Camera Raw 9, an update that includes a few of the same big features that were introduced with great fanfare for Lightroom CC.

Like Lightroom CC, Adobe Camera Raw can now combine multiple RAW photos into a single RAW HDR photo or panorama. The tools are found as new options in the Filmstrip’s dropdown menu.

The big performance gains in Lightroom CC have also appeared in ACR. Camera Raw can now use your computer’s Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) as well, making your image editing much faster — especially as high resolution 4K and 5K screens start appearing on more and more desks.
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Apr 212015

We shall be watching for information as it becomes available throughout the day… Adobe released Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC today at noon eastern time!


“The company has sold Lightroom as a standalone software or as a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography subscription; the former will cost you $149 for the Lightroom 6 application, whereas, the latter’s subscription is at $9.99 per month. However, Adobe makes it clear that if you choose to opt for the standalone option, you might have to forsake the ability to sync photos to its mobile application suite such as Slate, Voice or Lightroom Mobile.

Along with face detection, Adobe Lightroom adds panorama and HDR, plus its software has been tweaked further to boost performances. The HDR features are quite common in applications, even Adobe’s basic options such as Photoshop Elements.

Other features include Radial filter and Graduated Filter Brushes, and desktop slideshow options with pan-and-zoom effect. Adobe not only updated the Windows and Mac app but also paid attention to push the update to its mobile applications on iOS and Android. The mobile apps brings better photo-grouping options and tools for cropping, and copy-pasting received adjustments as well.

Senior Product Manager for Adobe Photography Products, Sharad Mangalick, stated: “What we’re seeing is an opportunity for Adobe to step in and streamline the workflow and clean it up so that photographers, whether you’re pro or very casual, can have the best output with the highest quality and have it be really simple to use.”


The New Adobe Lightroom 6 is out now! It has just been officially announced at12.01 PM EST on 04/21/2015
Adobe Lightroom 6 for Mac and Windows

The new Lightroom 6 has face recognition, Panorama Merge (stitch together multiple images, including raw files to create unique panorama shots), faster performance for importing and perfecting your photos, Advanced Video Slideshows and more. For a comparison sheet with Lightroom 4 and 5 and detailed information on the new product, see files provided by Adobe here:


Aug 252013

Cornell and Adobe create software that lets you adjust your lighting after the shoot ends


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May 062013


Adobe kills Creative Suite, goes subscription-only | Business Tech – CNET News

Feb 272013

Photoshop Touch has been available for some time on the iPad and is now available on the  iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and android for $4.99.



Oct 182012

Revamped DNG format shows new Lightroom possibilities | Business Tech – CNET News

Stephen Shankland

“Adobe’s updated raw-image format now handles stitched panoramas and HDR photos, part of a plan to attract more photographers and allies.

Adobe hopes to see the features used — but isn’t promising anything.”

Apr 122012

Unified Color Announces Lightroom 4 Support | PhotographyBLOG

Mar 222012

Photoshop CS6 Beta free download released – SlashGear


Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta | digital image editing software – Adobe Labs

Mar 062012

Click here to upgrade to Lightroom 4

Click the image below to order Adobe Lightroom 4: