QooCam 8K – The World’s Smallest 8K 360 Camera

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Nov 182019

Kandao has launched the world’s smallest 8K 360 camera. The QooCam 8K offers 8K 10-bit video up to 200Mbps at 30fps and 4K at up to 120fps.

Kandao 8K – Image source cinema5D

I’ve been using the original QooCam for about a year. I’m also using the Insta360 One X and have used the Insta360 One before that. However, there’s two things that have been holding me back. The first thing I’ve been waiting for is 8K in an affordable, accessible 360 camera. The second thing is 10-bit video encoding at high bit-rates (something that also really needs to come to smartphones very soon). The fact is, 8K is really a minimum to capture a full 360 with sufficient detail and clarity. QooCam has delivered this and more with the QooCam 8K.

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Canon’s Upcoming 8K Camera – Concept Explanation

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Nov 272018

Please turn CC on for English subtitles.

Canon 8K technology was demonstrated with a prototype camera body during Inter BEE 2018. We talked about it with Toshiyuki Akimoto from Canon who is responsible for the development of 8K monitors and cameras.


8K resolution is slowly making its way in the line-ups of camera manufacturers. During Inter BEE 2018 we saw an interesting 8K camera concept from Astro. RED of course has already had working 8K cinema cameras for a while with their MONSTRO and HELIUM cinema cameras. Panasonic claims to have an 8K capable camera for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. Now Canon also presented their 8K cinema camera concept.

The Canon 8K camera concept presented at Inter BEE 2018 has quite a compact body very similar to the Canon C300 Mark II. It will have a super 35mm sensor and an 8K processing unit inside and mind you that recording will not be done internally. You will have to find and attach an external 8K recording solution. According to Canon, the purpose of this demonstration is to research the market and to gather the customer’s opinion regarding future 8K demand.

Since this 8K camera is still only a prototype and future technology demonstration, there is no detailed explanation of its functions or ergonomics yet. The presented camera, however, looks to being very close to the production stage.

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Panavision Announces New Millennium DXL2 8K Camera with the RED Monstro 8K VV Sensor

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Feb 042018

The new Panavision Millenium DXL2 builds on the success of the original Millennium DXL. Both models operate in an ecosystem (or should I say marriage) between three top-class companies in the moving picture industry: Panavision, Light Iron and RED. However, this time the development of the camera has gone even further by incorporating Panavision with the RED MONSTRO 8K VV sensor, and Light Iron color2 science.


As stated by Michael Cioni, senior VP of Innovation at Panavision and Light Iron: “Panavision’s vast inventory of advanced large-format and anamorphic optics combined with RED’s MONSTRO imager expands what’s possible, allowing filmmakers to create radically inventive and powerfully cinematic images, customized for the needs of the project and the vision of creative teams.”

Watch the video below which demonstrates the DXL2 in action.

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Here’s the First 8K Timelapse Shot with the Nikon D850

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Sep 072017

The new Nikon D850 lets you create 8K timelapses using the 45.7-megapixel sensor and the built-in Interval Timer. If you’ve been wanting to see what 8K shot with the camera looks like, today’s your lucky day: we got our hands on the first 8K timelapse short film shot on the D850.

The 2.5-minute video above was captured by photographer and Nikon Ambassador Lucas Gilman in Iceland using a pre-production D850. If you somehow have an 8K-capable screen, be sure to select the 4320p/8K quality option in the video to watch it in its full glory.

Here’s an illustration showing how much more resolution 8K has than 4K, Full HD, and SD:

Gilman says he chose to test the camera’s 8K capabilities in Iceland due to the movements that can be seen everywhere in the landscapes and due to the microclimates that provide a huge amount of visual diversity even in a short amount of time.

The project was challenging though: there’s only a single sunrise and sunset you can capture each day, and each 3-4 second sequence in the video above took hours for Gilman to plan and shoot. He was planning to shoot night scenes as well, but Iceland’s days were 20 hours long while he was in the country.

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Sigma Cine High Speed Zoom Line – Sample Footage & Review

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Aug 172017

In this guest review, DP and Director Thomas Schweighofer takes a look at the Sigma Cine High Speed Zoom line during a documentary shoot with a RED EPIC-W Helium 8K. Please also read Graham Sheldon’s extensive review of both Sigma zoom lenses, which we published a few months ago. 

I recently had the chance to shoot a documentary project in the US featuring Austrian musician Dominic Muhrer and American Superstar Joshua Ledet. In order to achieve a better image quality in this particular project, I wanted to get my hands on some of the new Sigma cine primes, but at that point in time it was just too early to get a set. Instead, the folks at Sigma contacted me and told me to test their Sigma Cine High Speed Zoom cine line. I agreed but, being so used to shooting with primes, I didn’t expect too much. 

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Insta360 Pro VR Camera – 8K, Up to 100fps 4K, HDR and RAW by: Graham Sheldon

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Jan 082017

This week at CES 2017, Chinese camera manufacturer Insta360 announced their Insta360 Pro VR camera with a truly impressive spec list: 8K maximum resolution, 100fps in 4K, HDR, RAW and a great price tag.  All the details including pricing and availability below: 

I have had the opportunity to try several different types of 360 video cameras from a number of manufacturers, and anything below 4K tends to look blurry in my opinion. Some may scoff at the push for higher and higher resolution camera tech in the 2D world, but for VR I believe it’s absolutely necessary.

The Insta360 Pro VR camera has a few major features that could all add up to some gorgeous-looking VR video experiences in the future. Its 6 independent HD lenses can capture 360-degree video in up to 8K resolution in both RAW and HDR. When in 4K mode, the camera can also record up to 100fps. Specs like these put the camera more in line with premium 360 cameras like the $45,000 Nokia OZO or the $15,000 Google Jump, versus the cheaper Samsung Gear 360 ($278.00).

With a price tag of $3,000, the Insta360 Pro could appeal to both professional and hobbyist shooters alike when it hits the market later in the year. There is no word yet regarding the potential overheating issues that other 360 cameras in this category have also suffered from.

The “3D Video” mode lets you shoot 3D 360-degree video up to 6K, or up to 4K with real time stitching (H.265 or H.264). You can also live stream 360-degree video over Ethernet, WiFi and 4G (this will destroy your data plan) to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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Sharp to sell world’s first 8K TV in October, for about $125,000

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Sep 182015

8K, also called Super Hi-Vision, is shorthand for a resolution of 7,680 pixels by 4,320 pixels—16 times that of today’s high-definition televisions.

First there was 1080p. Then there was 4K.

Now, Japan electronics giant Sharp will begin limited sales of so-called 8K televisions next month. The TVs, also called “Super Hi-Vision,” have a resolution of 7,680 pixels by 4,320 pixels—an incredible 16 times that of today’s high-definition sets (4X the 4K models) and better than most movie theaters you’ve been to.

Don’t expect to buy one anytime soon, though—the first sets (model LV-85001) will be offered to TV broadcasters and video production companies beginning October 30. How much, you ask? About $125,000, according to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

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NAB: Japan’s NHK Exploring Use of Ultra HD 8K for Virtual Reality

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Apr 172015

NHK is also planning public demonstrations of 8K—16 times the resolution of HD–in Los Angeles and New York.

Japan’s government and NHK are bullish about giving Japan a broadcast system that supports ultra-sharp 8K — 16 times the resolution of HD — in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. And now, Japan’s public broadcaster is not ruling out virtual reality as a possible future use of the format.

“Virtual Reality is possible [with 8K] in the future on smaller screen such as Oculus Rift displays,” Narichika Hamaguchi, a senior manager at NHK’s research lab, told The Hollywood Reporter.

For broadcasting, NHK finds that the bigger the screen, the better for visual perception. So at NAB, it was demoing its 8K images on TVs larger than 70-inches, as well as in a theater presentation. But it was also showing a smaller 13-inch OLED screen that was research work from SEL, signaling an effort to bring the format to smaller screens for additional uses, potentially VR.

Meanwhile, NHK is planning public demonstrations of 8K broadcasting in Los Angeles and New York. They will be held this summer when NHK tests its broadcasting system during the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which is being held June 6-July 5 in Canada.

It’s also planning trials at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and aims to start offering limited 8K services in Japan during 2018, when the FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia and Olympics in South Korea.

From the content standpoint, NHK is currently focused on live broadcasting, particularly sports, and has already tested the system at big global events including the 2012 London Olympics as well as last year’s Sochi Olympics and FIFA World Cup. The ultra-sharp picture puts the viewer in the stadium with more detail that currently possible, allowing them to see more of the drama from the players and spectators, and not just in close ups.

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Red’s latest ‘Weapon’ is an 8K full-frame camera

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Apr 152015


Red launched the first mainstream 4K camera when 1080p seemed like overkill, and now that this whole 4K thing might work out, it’s got an 8K RAW model. The Weapon ‘Vista Vision’ features a mind-boggling 8,192 x 4,320, 35-megapixel sensor that can do up to 75 fps, widescreen 8K. The chip is also 40.96 x 21.6mm or Vista Vision-sized, considerably larger than the full-frame sensor on a camera like the Nikon D810. Video can be recorded in RAW and scaled-down ProRes formats simultaneously, just as with the company’s 6K Weapon models.

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