Coming Soon: 52-Megapixel Cameras in Smartphones

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Apr 202015


There’s a stealthy startup in Silicon Valley that’s working to revolutionize photography. It’s called Light, and one of its goals is putting 52-megapixel cameras in smartphones by next year.

The company has mostly been quiet about its technology and goals: its website is basically a landing page with a newsletter signup form, and its Facebook account has just been sharing interesting photo stories from around the Web. However, MIT Technology Review just published a first look on what Light is working on

We now know that the company is working on building camera modules that feature an array of lenses and sensors. By combining the images captured by the different cameras, a higher-quality image can be achieved without greatly increasing the size of the camera module.

Sound familiar? The idea — and the stealthiness — is reminiscent of LinX, the company that Apple just acquired for a reported $20 million.


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