Camera-Specific Outdoor Packs Suck, Here’s What I Use Instead

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Apr 022017

If you’ve ever loaded up a large camera backpack (like something from Think Tank Photo or LowePro) and hiked a mountain, you’ll be able to fully appreciate how terrible the experience is… well, except for the views.

The narrow shoulder straps dig deeply into your shoulders and neck. The pack bounces all over, sliding from side to side. The “waist belt”—a piece of bare 2-inch nylon webbing with a buckle—does more harm than good, and executes exactly zero of the functions that a waist belt is supposed to offer. You curse the thing under your breath and mutter that there must be a better way.

And there is!

The solution I found and have been very happy with is to ditch the camera bag and go with a pack that has been developed over decades with engineering designed to handle heavy loads comfortably in all kinds of conditions and terrains: a hiking pack.

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Traveling to Cuba as an American Photographer

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Dec 232015

My name is Mark Cersosimo, and I’m a hobbyist photographer and filmmaker living in New York. Way back in 2014, when President Obama announced that U.S. relations with Cuba would be normalized, I knew I had to make a move. While “tourist” travel is still prohibited, 12 new options became available in January 2015.

So, I went with my girlfriend. Upon returning we’ve been inundated with questions from our curious American friends who up until now, Cuba had just been a twinkle in their eye. I’ve decided to share our experience, as I know millions of others out there are eager to visit our “it’s complicated” friend, Cuba.


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Photos of the Ancient Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

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Oct 042015


Photographer Alex Teuscher recently traveled to Cambodia for work, and while there, he took the opportunity to visit and photograph the ancient temples found in the Angkor region of the country.
Angkor once served as the capital city of the Khmer Empire between the 9th and 15th centuries. Its name means “Holy City,” and at its peak, it was a megacity that had 0.1% of the worlds population. These days, that would be the equivalent of a city with over 7 million people.
There are over 1,000 temples in the Angkor area, from small ruins to some of the largest temple structures in the world. These days, over 2 million people visit the ruins each year, and the area has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
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First 4k Film created with the iPhone 6s!

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Sep 252015

I am intrigued with the filmmaking possibilities afforded by the new Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. How about you?

Here is a “Behind the scenes” overview…

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7 Useful Tips to Help You Make a Totally Awesome Travel Video

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Jul 282015

Last fall I took a 29 day epic road trip through the west coast of America, along with my wife, brother and friends.  Here are some most essential tips you should consider when planning to make an awesome travel film.
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The Photography Gene – Do You Have It?

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Jul 202015


I know the title may sound a little sensational, but I’d love to get to the bottom of this. Please consider this article more as a discussion and food for thought than a definite answer to the initial question.

While pursuing my Master’s degree in Psychology at University of Twente in the Netherlands, one of the most heated discussions was always regarding the nature versus nurture debate. In case you haven’t heard of it, it revolves around how much of your innate qualities are genetic and how much are based on your experiences. Are you smart because you have the genetic material to be smart or did you simply become smart by what you’ve done and how you were brought up? To this day there’s no definite answer to these questions and many researchers propose that the debate should be retired.


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10 Dream Vacations for a Photographer

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Jun 052015


When a photographer goes on vacation, they don’t normally spend the whole day lounging by the pool. Instead, the trip presents a greater opportunity of capturing new sets of images brought about by unfamiliar scenery, landscapes, culture and people. A lot of photographers will attest to the fact that going on holiday widens their perspective and some photographers we have featured here at Resource Magazine ended up producing great photography series stemming from a vacation that gave birth to long-term projects. From the ancient kingdom ruins of South East Asia and South America to the safari wilderness of Africa, the picturesque small towns all over Europe and the massive landscape of National Parks in North America, the choices are boundless for any photographer looking to spend a few days mixing work and pleasure.


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