Skylines on Canvas by Richard Sisk

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Feb 242015

.Skylines on Canvas

Once in a while I like to promote my Panoramic photography.

These particular images are available through the nice folks at greatBIGcanvas!

Just click on any of the images to go to their site.

Use discount code: AFF20

Image licensing: Panoramic Images

Manhattan at Night, New York City

Richard Sisk

Brooklyn Bridge, New York skyline

Richard Sisk

Detroit at Night

Richard Sisk

Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Dusk

Richard Sisk

Baltimore, Maryland at Dusk

Richard Sisk

Chicago at Dusk

Richard Sisk

Clear Morning, Chicago, Illinois

Richard Sisk

Bay Bridge, Moon, San Francisco

Richard Sisk

Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco

Richard Sisk

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Richard Sisk

Gateway Arch, Saint Louis, Missouri

Richard Sisk

Moons over Saint Louis, Missouri

Richard Sisk

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio

Richard Sisk

Dusk, Atlanta, Georgia

Richard Sisk

Detroit, Michigan

Richard Sisk

Houston, Texas

Richard Sisk

Dusk, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Richard Sisk

Reno, The Biggest Little City in the World

Richard Sisk

Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, Nevada

Richard Sisk

Use discount code: AFF20

The Guide to Creating Panoramas by Richard Sisk

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Nov 122014

Read at at


Widening Your Horizons

If you are a professional photographer, you know how the photography market has morphed over the last few years. We have more competition than ever from our fellow pro shooters. The relative ease of creating digital images has inundated stock photo agencies to the point that our images often get lost in a “sea of similars.”

To add insult to injury, we are now seeing a tidal wave of smart phone images and a perception that images should be free!

Over the last 21 years, the art of creating visually compelling (and highly marketable) panoramic images has brought me the unique appeal I always wanted as a professional photographer. 


A Profitable and Fun Niche

I found that the panoramic format is fun, as well as challenging, in many ways. I love the cinematic feel of panoramas and enjoy the compositional opportunities the format has to offer. By concentrating my efforts, I have found a unique way to compete in a changing marketplace.

Creating Your Panoramas

First of all, you may want to investigate the technical aspects and gear requirements of the format. One of the most important technical aspects of creating panos is that your lens must rotate around the entrance pupil of the lens. Sometimes, this point is called the “Nodal Point.” This is essential to getting a good stitch. You can read a good explanation about it here.

When shooting images for a pano be sure your camera is set on manual exposure and focus. If these change during your exposure sequence, the resulting panorama will be useless. Also, be sure to use a remote to trigger your exposures as any vibrations can ruin the panorama.

I set my exposure based on the brightest portion of the panorama using “Expose to the Right” technique.


Use Gear You Already Own 

Add a good a panoramic tripod head, either manual or automated and you are on your way. Here are a few panoramic gear suppliers;

360 Precision

Nodal Ninja 

Really Right Stuff 

Seitz Roundshot 


Dedicated Panoramic Cameras?

With the exception of the Seitz Roundshot Digital cameras, all of the dedicated panoramic cameras use film… not that there’s anything wrong with that! Actually, the Fuji and Linhof panoramic cameras are fantastic. The problem is that we just don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to purchase film and find labs to process it. These cameras served me well for many years. That being said, I have rarely used my film cameras in the last few years. 

Most camera manufacturers have not produced digital panoramic cameras due largely to the lack of appropriate sensors. Development costs and what would be a miniscule scale of production are to blame. The Seitz cameras are the exception, as I mentioned. Their panoramic cameras are famous for their Swiss precision and durable design. I use their VR-Drive tripod head which automates the process of shooting images needed for the subsequent stitching process. The customer service at Seitz is first rate! Ask for Werner Seitz. Mr Seitz has been very helpful to me over the years.

Aspect Ratio?

Panoramics can be any aspect ratio greater than 2-1. However the best selling and most common aspect ratio used is 3-1. Unless there is a compelling compositional reason not to use the 3-1 aspect ratio, that is what I recommend. The 3-1 ratio being exactly double the width of the full frame 35mm standard format. As such, 3-1 works well for advertising and coffee table books where the images are often displayed across two pages. 

Specialized Software 

Though you can stitch panos in Photoshop CC, I use specialty software; 


Autopano Giga 

HDR Expose 3 

PTGui and Autopano Giga are stitching programs which allow a greater degree of stitching control and precision over Photoshop CC. These programs allow you to create panoramas, but also 360 degree virtual reality images. HDR Expose 3 will allow you to create extremely precise and realistic HDR images and HDR panoramic images. Although there are many HDR software programs, HDR Expose 3 now has a unique “Pano Prep Batch Processing” mode. This new mode allows the application of identical tone-mapping to the HDR panels for subsequent stitching. 

What to Shoot

You will need to consider the types of subject matter that are in demand if you are hoping to get your images licensed on the one hand, or sold as “Print On Demand” on the other. My experience is that compelling scenics will sell, however well composed city skyline images can do extremely well. Nicely executed composites are salable if you have a great concept, and if you have excellent compositing skills. 


I have found that standard views of well known places may well become best sellers. The images must be well composed, clean and taken in attractive light. 

Marketing Your Panoramas

Working with a specialty panoramic stock agency can be very helpful. I am under contract with Panoramic Images (Doug Segal, President).

Other options for marketing your panoramic images are increasing and well worth investigating. Here are a few that come to mind;


500px Prime 

I suggest you also set up a section of your website to show off your panoramas. My website is tightly focused on my panoramic work.


Mastering the Panoramic Medium

The rules of composition for panoramas are no different from standard formats. I have found that one point perspective to be especially effective with panos. The Golden Mean or Golden Ratio is a powerful tool. For years, I used a Golden Mean grid over the ground glass of my V-Pan 617 MKIII panoramic view camera. 

Learning More

The varied technical aspects of panorama shooting are beyond the scope of this article, but stay tuned as I plan to follow up soon with more information on the subject! 

About the Guest Contributor


Twenty one years ago, I began a voyage to photograph the American landscape with high-resolution panoramic cameras. I used several cameras for this project, including the Fuji G617, the V-Pan 617 Mark III and more recently, high resolution Canon digital cameras and an advanced panoramic device called the Seitz VR-Drive.

There have been many moving moments during this long journey. However, the people I met along the way, have been the greatest source of inspiration throughout my travels.

I wish you the best with your own dreams, photography and adventures of discovery.

Richard Sisk –

Immersive HDR Panorama of The Grand Canyon

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May 252014
Click the image below to view the Immersive HDR panorama:


May 252014

In this webinar photographer Richard Sisk demonstrates how to create stunning HDR Panoramas using the new Pano Prep Batch Processing feature in HDR Expose 3.1 and 3rd party stitching applications.



Unified Color to add HDR pano processing in HDR Expose 3.1

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Oct 292013


Unified Color to add HDR pano processing in HDR Expose 3.1

Creating an HDR panorama can be difficult… The big problem is that nearly all HDR software calculates HDR tone mapping by measuring the white point and black point within a set of bracketed set of images. When creating an HDR panorama you will have several bracketed sets and since each set may vary in this regard, the resulting panorama stitch will produce inconsistent results. Now for those of us who create panos, Unified Color is planning to release an update to HDR Expose 3 that will solve this problem. The software will look at an entire set of bracketed images and calculate an overall white and black point as the basis for tone mapping.  Stay tuned for more information about this great new feature from Unified Color.

HDR Photography | Photo Editing Software & Programs by Unified Color

Grand Canyon HDR VR Tour with John Wesley Powell

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Sep 232013

This VR Tour HDR image was processed in HDR Expose 3 from Unified Color.

HDR Photography | Photo Editing Software & Programs by Unified Color

By the way, you can click full screen after the “Little planet” introduction. Be sure to have your speakers on…

 Thanks to Robert Barnes for posting a link to this VR Tour on his fine blog:

BGB • BARNES GALLERY BLOG | Behind the Scenes at Barnes Gallery

Thanks also to John Santoro for posting a link to this VR Tour on the Unified Color Website and Blog:

A Fantastic VR Minute – HDR In Motion

VR Tour © 2013 Richard Sisk

Jeepneys, Baguio City, Philippines, iPhone 5 HDR

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Apr 142013

Shine App for the Mac Released by Ohanaware!

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Mar 162013

I have been having a blast playing with this new app for the Mac!


Shine was just released by Ohanaware, makers of HDRtist Pro and other fine applications made for the Mac:

Shine :: Enlighten Photos with hyper-realistic effects – Ohanaware

It is so much fun! And, it is only $9.99

Use Coupon Code “HDR360pro” to save 20%!


Download the trial version at and give Shine a whirl!

Shine Contest!

Send us your best Shine image and win one of three FREE copies for this fun new App for the Mac

Email your entry by April 30, 2013,



In the interest of full disclosure: HDR360pro is an affiliate for! Great place to display your Photography!

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Feb 092012

I am the new kid on the block over at I really like the clean look of the site and it is a fun place to see some great images by excellent photographers. Check out the “Editors choice” images listed under “Photos” and you’ll see what I mean.

500px / Home

500px / Richard Sisk

Feb 062012



HDR Expose 2

HDR Expose 2 »

Coupon code: “HDR360pro” saves 20% on HDR Expose 2!

Click image to enlarge.

Feb 062012

“This week it was a real thrill for me to host a live webinar with photographer Richard Sisk to talk about HDR panoramic photography. Richard has been shooting panos professionally for many years and was able to share some of his legacy work as well as tips and techniques for creating digital HDR panoramas.”

John Omvik, Vice President of Marketing, Unified Color Technologies

HDR Panorama Photography with Richard Sisk Parts 1 &2 recorded on 1/31/2012

This presentation looks best in full screen.



“In this next tutorial photographer Richard Sisk shares his tips and techniques for creating stunning HDR Panoramas. In part 2 of 2 Richard demonstrates how he processes his stitched and merged 32-bit HDR Panoramas using HDR Expose 2.”

John Omvik, Vice President of Marketing, Unified Color Technologies

This presentation looks best in full screen.



Save 20% on the new HDR Expose 2 by clicking the link below:

HDR Expose 2 »

Coupon code: “HDR360pro” saves 20% on HDR Expose 2.

Download the free trial now!

Delicious and Refreshing HDR!

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Jan 182012

I made this HDR with the iPhone 4 and the Pro HDR app. I then tone-mapped the resulting image in HDR Expose 2.

When you visit Ashland be sure to book a room at this charming hotel.

The Peerless Hotel – Ashland Oregon

Click image to enlarge

Merced River, Spring Morning, HDR!

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Jul 182011

This was an extremely high contrast scene. I combined the raw images in Photoshop CS5, merged the tiffs in 32 Float from Unified Color and post processed in CS5, Nik Viveza 2 and Topaz Adjust.

Do you like it?

500px / Photo “Merced River, Spring Morning, Yosemite” by Richard Sisk

Click image to enlarge.

iCamera HDR for iPhone

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May 312011

I have been very impressed with this iPhone app from Everimaging Ltd. The developer is updating it every week or so and it just keeps getting better.

iCamera HDR: All-in-One for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

HDR Photo Pro »

HDR Darkroom »

Spring in Southern Oregon, HDR © 2011 Richard Sisk

Introduction to HDR Efex Pro

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Mar 132011

This video is best seen at 480p.


Use discount code: “HDR360pro” to save 15% on any Nik software at the Nik store!

Nik Software, Inc. | Welcome

For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Photo Lab in Kansas

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Dec 302010

When I started in photography, Kodachrome was the most popular color transparency film. It was not HDR, but it’s rich vibrant colors were breathtaking!  One interesting fact is that Kodachrome was created by two professional musicians, Leo Godosky Jr. and Leo Mannes. They were moonlighting in the labs of the Eastman Kodak Company back in the early thirties. The film they invented was also remarkably archival, unlike many other films that faded in just a few years.

I can still remember the pleasant scent of fresh Kodachrome film as I loaded it into my first 8mm movie camera.

I also loved the Paul Simon song “Kodachrome” as it tapped into those old memories. I just bought the album: “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon” again! Great album. Last time was 1973!

They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers

Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day, Oh yeah
I got a Nikon camera

I love to take a photograph
So mama don’t take my Kodachrome away

Paul Simon

For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Photo Lab in Kansas –

A Brief History of Kodak Kodachrome Film – TIME

Photos: Steve McCurry’s Last Roll Of Kodachrome : NPR

Mount Sneffels, Colorado

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Nov 152010

This was an image that I made with the Canon 5D and Seitz VR Drive during a trip to Colorado in the fall of 2007. Recently, I noticed that I had never processed this HDR panorama. So, I thought I’d try using some new software. I used DXO Optics Pro 6 to process the RAW files. I did this to eliminate chromatic aberrations and to reduce image noise. For stitching, I used the latest beta version of Autopano Pro from Kolor, which has a fabulous new stacking feature. It stacks the bracketed exposures and then stitches them in perfect registration. I used HDR Expose to merge the three resulting files. Finally I did some post processing in Photoshop CS5 and the Viveza2 Photoshop plug-in from Nik.

Kolor, AutoPano Pro – Panorama stitching software – Panoramic photo software – image stitching

Nik Viveza 2, Precise Selective Photo Editing

See it here, Richard Sisk Productions

This HDR image does not look like an HDR and that is intentional!