Sep 252015


360-degree video has arrived on Facebook.

The social network is beginning to add the immersive videos to the News Feed, the company announced Wednesday. The videos will be viewable from the web and from Facebook’s iOS and Android apps.

The videos, first announced at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, are filmed with a special camera setup that captures q full 360-degree view of the scene. Much like the 360-degree videos on YouTube, you can change your view of the video by dragging you finger (or cursor, if you’re on a browser) around the screen or holding your phone at a different angle.

The videos will be available on the web and Android app first and will roll out to the iOS app “in the coming months.”

Facebook is partnering with a select group of publishers on the videos — including Disney and Lucasfilm, GoPro, Vice and Saturday Night Live — to start but says it will open up the videos to more people “who are at the cutting edge of exploring this medium” in the next few days.


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Sep 092015


Back in May, Google announced “JUMP“, a new technology standard aimed at creating fully immersive content for virtual reality. At the time, Google showed off a demo camera rig that utilized over a 16 separate GoPros. The folks over at GoPro have finally decided to release a production version of the apparatus that’ll be available for purchase. Called the Odyssey panoramic capture rig, it features 16 synchronized GoPro HERO4 Black cameras recording 8K video at 30fps.

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Nikkor fisheye lens 6mm f/2.8 with Nikon D4s – Photografica Copenhagen

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Nov 152014


Filming through a Nikkor 6mm fisheye with a Nikon D4s. See every built-in filter in the Nikkor 6mm lens. Watch the video to get a 220 degree picture view.

This link will take you to the current listing on eBay for this rare lens: Bid Now

Photografica Copenhagen

Nov 132014


Today, at its 2014 Developer Conference, Samsung unveiled Project Beyond: a camera capable of capturing true 3D video in a full 360-degrees. The saucer-shaped design captures a gigapixel of 3D footage every single second! Which sets the stage for Samsung’s endeavors to make virtual reality more realistic than ever.

The camera, whose footage is designed to work seamlessly with Samsung’s own Gear VR headset, packs quite a punch inside its considerably small form factor. Along the outside of the device, there is an array of 16 Full-HD cameras, each of which have an ultra-wide-angle lens attached.

Beneath the camera is the device’s processor and storage, which includes a means of high-speed connectivity to get the footage off the camera and onto other devices. An image sensor and controller is placed between the camera arrangement to ensure Project Beyond captures everything exactly as planned.

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Nov 062014



KODAK PIXPRO SP360 ALL AROUND YOU: See the amazing 360° view taken with the new SP360 Action Camera under the water by a professional photographer in Tokashiki Island, Okinawa, Japan. KODAK SP360 Action Camera’s fisheye lens enables you to catch a wide view by Front mode and a full 360 degrees panorama movie by Round mode with FULL HD quality even in the water.
The movie shows the rarely seen moment of a moray attacking the Action Camera with its sharp teeth and the warm shot of a friendly turtle guiding the diver in the blue ocean were caught by the KODAK PIXPRO SP360 Action Camera.

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Oct 162014

Promote® Control users! There is still time to submit your HDR Focus Stacked images and get a chance to win a $100 B&H gift card. Enter today.

For complete details and rules please click the image below:


We will be taking submissions through Thursday, October 23rd.

How to enter. Send 1 to 5 HDR Focus Stacked images taken with the Promote® Control (.jpg file no larger than 10 MB, email each image separately) Include:

A description of the Promote® Control and camera settings used to create the image(s) (Step size, Number of images per bracket, Date, Location, Exposure etc.)
Your full name/credit line
Phone number
Email address
And a statement saying “I have read and accept the contest rules”*
Who can enter? Legal residents of the United States or Canada, 18+ years of age.

All entrants must read and accept the complete contest rules.

Sep 302014

The histogram can be a very useful tool in helping photographers properly expose their images, but it can be just as hurtful as it is helpful when used improperly. Cinematographer Ryan E. Walters explains why the methods used by photographers to expose their images should not be used by videographers.

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Sep 042014

A panoramic theater opens in L.A. on Sept. 19 as other new tech includes live audience interaction onscreen

“As exhibitors try to fend off competition from ever-bigger home theater systems, movie houses may soon take their cues from the ’50s. Back then, to counter the arrival of TV, Hollywood retaliated by offering bigger — and wider — images onscreen, culminating in Cinerama. That panoramic theater configuration, which faded out by the end of the ’60s, left behind the landmark Cinerama Dome on Sunset Boulevard. But a new generation of even more ambitious theaters — possibly even including cinema’s first holodeck — is waiting in the wings.”

“Barco, the Belgian digital cinema projector manufacturer, already has unveiled what it calls “Escape, a configuration that uses a digital cinema screen in front of an audience with two more screens on the sides of a theater to create one wrap-around image. The first Escape theaters — which will include the Cinemark 18 & XD at the Promenade at the Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles — will open Sept. 19, showing a special edition of Fox’s new young adult thriller The Maze Runner. Though no movie has yet been shot to take full advantage of Escape’s three-screen setup, Escape theaters showing The Maze Runner will project the live-action movie on to the center screen, and the side screens will feature additional visual effects — extending the reach of the movie’s maze, for example.”

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Aug 192014

Outdoor brand Mammut recently teamed up with avid climbers Dani Arnold and Stephan Siegrist to document and create an incredible interactive 360º climb up the side of Eiger: a 13,000-foot tall mountain in the Alps.

The interactive website, aptly titled Mammut Project360, was created using an impressive, custom-built 360º GoPro setup to capture images continuously as the two capable climbers made their way up the mountainside.

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Aug 102014

Bublcam the Toronto-based hardware startup that has created the first spherical, 360-degree consumer camera, is ready to ship its product next month.

The startup was formerly part of the Canadian Film Centre’s (CFC) ideaBOOST accelerator program, and recently launched pre-orders for the product. It’ll start shipping in early September, continuing into October.

Bubl’s current collaboration with Google allows anyone with a Bublcam to upload spherical photos directly to Google Maps, StreetView and Google+. Other features include real-time image stitching, self-calibration and image stabilization, a four-camera, tetrahedral design for zero blind spots and live video streaming.

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May 252014
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