Jun 222011

My friend Sam Rowlands from Ohanaware, creator of the popular HDRtist Pro software, has written another interesting article!

Click the link below or the image to read Sam’s article:

Ohanaware Weblog » Blog Archive » Using the iPhone to capture multiple exposures for HDR (iPhone AEB)

By the way you may want to download the Free Trial Version of HDRtist Pro from the Ohanaware site:

HDRtist Pro, easy HDR Mac App | Fun Photos, easy Photo Editing & Printing Mac software | HDRtist, FREE Mac HDR app – Ohanaware

If you should decide to purchase HDRtist Pro be sure to use the coupon code” “HDR360pro” to save 20%!

This is a subject that I am intrigued by and evidently I’m not alone:

The iPhone 4 has recently become the most popular “Camera” on Flickr!

iPhone 4 tops Flickr camera stats: A closer look | Deep Tech – CNET News

Here is one of my iPhone 4 HDR images from my recent trip to Yosemite: