Jul 092020

If you need a rugged workhorse to take with you on your next trip to the mountains of Patagonia, you may want to consider the new Leica S3, a beast of a camera that, on reflection, is nowhere near as expensive as you might expect.

Photographer David Farkas from RedDotForum runs you through the new features of the S3 and explains how Leica has included some significant upgrades over its predecessor, the S-Typ 007 that was released back in 2014. For anyone confused, this is the fourth (or fifth?) iteration of Leica’s medium format SLR, which began with the S1 but more accurately with the S2, succeeded by the Typ 006 and then the Typ 007. Now, we’re back to the original naming convention with the arrival of the S3. Confused much? Me too.

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