May 202020

Today Adobe announces a new release for their Creative Cloud video and audio applications, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Character Animator, and Premiere Rush. Available today, the updates offer support for Apple ProRes RAW, new creative tools in After Effects, workflow refinements in Character Animator, and performance improvements, such as faster Auto Reframe in Premiere Pro. Adobe also claims to have improved the performance and stability of their software.

Adobe Announces New Versions of CC Video Apps. Source: Adobe

Adobe CC Stability

As a former long-time Premiere Pro user I know that stability has not always been that great. This time, during their virtual press conference, Adobe emphasized the performance and stability of their apps to be their top priority. The changes they have made include a shift to more frequent updates and introducing the public beta program to better incorporate user engagement and feedback within the development process.

As Adobe said, its video applications run on a wide range of systems across platforms. That flexibility, however, brings the risk of stability issues with various configurations across hardware, software, operating systems, and GPU. Their research into crash statistics and causes showed that a large percentage of problems stem from insufficient hardware specs or out-of-date drivers. Adobe admits that it shouldn’t require expert knowledge for a user to keep their system running smoothly.

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