May 202020

When it comes to shooting on medium format, you’d be forgiven for thinking that starting out involves a heavy investment. The Mamiya 645 Pro, by contrast, is refreshingly affordable and the modular design means you can tweak your setup to your heart’s content.

Shane Taylor of Framelines has put together this short video explaining why he chose the Mamiya 645 Pro for his latest street photography project,t which resulted in a printed zine. As Fstoppers’ own James Madison will testify, the Mamiya 645 Pro offers medium format quality in a very compact body and, as Taylor mentions, it even shoots 35mm film. And if that’s not enough to get you tempted, be sure to check out the thoughts of photographer Nick Carver, who was looking for something smaller than his Mamiya RB67 but that wasn’t a rangefinder.

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