May 142020

During our cinema5D Virtual Show, we had a conversation with Dwight Lindsey – CEO and founder of Lindsey Optics – about their latest Lindsey Optics Large Format Director’s Viewfinder. This lens finder is used to preview shots without any electronics inside, and it covers formats from Super-35 up to Alexa 65. Let’s take a closer look at it!


Lindsey Optics Large Format Director’s Viewfinder

The cinema5D Virtual Show is an excellent occasion to learn more about new high-end products. The Lindsey Optics Large Format Director’s Viewfinder that was announced last month is no different.

The main advantage of a “mechanical” lens finder compared to a smartphone, for example, is that it is 100% reliable. There are no electronics, so no battery, no glitch, no reboot, no digital contrast enhancement. What you see through it is the view the lens is going to give to the camera. Also, by looking directly into the viewfinder, you get a much more “immersive” feel to what the shot will look like, and you can adjust the eyepiece diopter to your vision from -4 to +4.

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