Feb 212020

The StabiLens is a lens counterweight system for gimbals. It allows filmmakers to match the center of gravity of each lens in a kit, and allows for faster lens swapping when on a gimbal. It consists of a gimbal ring and a set of tungsten and steel weights. The StabiLens is already available for pre-order.

StabiLens counterweight system. Source: StabiLens

Last year in September, I wrote an article about Quickdraw by Reflex Cinema – lens counterweight system for gimbals, which lets users add weights to all lenses in your kit to match the heaviest lens. The purpose of Quickdraw was to make switching lenses on a gimbal easier as well as faster.

Recently, I came across the StabiLens counterweight system, created by US-based filmmaker Zac Miller. It basically does the same thing, but features a slightly different design. Let’s take a closer look at it.

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