Jan 222020

Zero Zero Robotics rencently announced their new unique-looking drone: the V-Coptr Falcon. Indeed, this v-shaped bi-copter doesn’t look like your traditional quad-copter drone, because it only features two motors and two propellers. The V-Coptr Falcon can fly for up to 50 minutes with a transmission distance of 7km, it can avoid obstacles, and it features a 4K 3-axis stabilized camera. Let’s take a closer look at it!

Zero Zero Robotics

Zero Zero Robotics is a Chinese company that launched its first product – the Hover 2 – via Kickstarter about a year ago. The campaign for this autonomous drone was a huge success, and they raised over $1M quickly. However, to this day, all backers didn’t receive their pledge yet.

In a surprising move, the team at Zero Zero Robotics announced the launch of a new drone, the V-Coptr Falcon.

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