Jan 152020

The Sony VENICE does not follow the common throw-away-get-a-new-one scheme of many consumer products. It’s a proper pro-camera, aimed at pro users and rental houses with deep pro-pockets. Sony just released the already teased firmware V5.0 for their flagship digital cine cam. This piece of software breathes new life into the VENICE hardware, enabling extended HFR modes, internal HD ProRes 4:4:4:4 recording and other niceties.


image credit: Sony

Not only the camera itself is modular, the software is modular, as well. Only buy what you really need. In this case we’re talking about the HFR capabilities the current firmware V4.0 offers: The upgrade itself is free of charge but if you want to use the extended HFR modes found in V4.0 you’ll have to pay. Firmware V5.0 is, again, free of charge. If you still need a paid license for using certain HFR modes is a bit uncertain for me at the moment. However, you can’t just download the FW package yourself, you’ll have to contact your reseller for that. And, very important: Your VENICE needs to be on FW V4.0 or V4.01 in order to upgrade. Do not attempt to upgrade from V3.0 or V3.01!

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