Jan 152020
Is Fuji About to Release the X-T4 and Two Other New Cameras?

It appears that Fuji may have a busy couple of months coming up, with rumors that the X-T4, X100V, and X-T200 may be announced as soon as February 4. Is Fuji beginning to match Sony’s aggressive release schedule? Will we see some major changes to the successor of the incredibly popular X-T3?

FujiAddict reports that the X-T4 will be ⅓ of an inch thicker and up to 5 oz heavier than its predecessor, also touting 6K 60p with 10-bit internal recording and a fully articulating screen. The larger size would make sense, as the smart money is betting on the X-T4 having in-body image stabilization, one of the few features that videographers felt was missing from the X-T3. It would also accommodate a larger battery, which will be greatly welcomed by Fuji shooters used to carrying a handful of NP-W126S batteries with them, a model that’s been used across a wide range of Fuji bodies for several years now.

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