Dec 022019

Are you playing with the thought to enter into the 10-bit full frame filmmaking world but think it’s prohibitively expensive? Here is a sub $3500 suggestion. If you are willing to invest money and time, the combination of working with the Panasonic S1 equipped with Canon’s FD lenses is fun and a good reason to collect some older items too.

Panasonic S1 with the Canon FD 35mm f2 lens. Image credit: Gunther Machu

If you are like me, an enthusiast hobbyist who is digging the full frame look but don’t want to go back to 8-bit codecs,  then I’m sure we are sharing the same dilemma. I’ve started filming 10 years ago with a Panasonic GH1 and later moved to the original BMPCC camera but the full frame “look” always fascinated me and 8 vs 10-bit became a deal breaker when choosing my next camera.

My Wish List When Considering a Camera

  • a full frame sensor camera to get this creamy shallow depth of field with fast primes
  • a robust 4K 4:2:2 10-bit internal codec
  • the cam has a LOG image picture profile that provides good dynamic range and is flexible enough for grading in post
  • in body image (sensor) stabilization  (IBIS) would be great
  • the audio department should provide good sound quality with a headphone output, of course
  • a good viewfinder and/or screen is mandatory
  • decent battery life
  • lenses should cover wides and moderate tele and should be fast (below f4, ideally f2) – otherwise you would defy the purpose to go for full frame
  • in addition, the lenses should provide robust mechanics, a buttery smooth focus throw to allow for precise manual focus adjustment with hard stops at close and infinity focus
  • I don’t like messing with rigs, external recorders, HDMI cables, and all the auxiliary stuff and need a compact footprint
  • As a hobbyist, I just don’t want to spend more than $3500 all in all

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