Nov 132019

ZEISS Supreme Prime cine lenses might not be the go-to glass for an average indie job but these lenses certainly are a cutting-edge state of the art pieces of technology. The latest addition to the family goes by the name ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance. Optically superb, yet slightly warmer and with added character.

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance Lenses. (image credit: ZEISS)

This new line of high-end cine lenses comes in seven focal lengths to start with: 21mm / 25mm / 29mm / 35mm / 50mm / 85mm  and 100mm. All of them share the same specs other than focal length:

  • fast T1.5 aperture
  • length: 119mm (4.7″) / front to PL mount flange
  • 95mm (3.7″) front diameter
  • weight: 1.22 kg (3.13 lbs) -> 50mm up to 1.7 kg (3.74 lbs) -> 100mm
  • close focus (from image plane): 0.26 m (10″) -> 25mm up to 1.1m (3’9″) -> 100mm
  • new T* blue coating

These are the facts, but what’s the story?

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance

These new lenses are branded Radiance, as in Glow or Luminosity, even Vibrancy, maybe. According to ZEISS, they produce a slightly warmer overall look in comparison to the original Supreme Primes. However, the real magic here is how these Radiance lenses handle flares. The cinematographer should be able to obtain control if and how a given lens is flaring and to use these ‘optical errors’ to a creative benefit. And that’s exactly the promise of the new T* blue coating.

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance

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